Best Benjamin Moore White Paint Color for Kitchen Cabinets

benjamin moore white paint color for kitchen cabinets

White paint is one of the top contenders whenever you intend to choose a color palette for your home. Because the best white paints not only remain neutral but also amplify natural light, they are the perfect choice for kitchen cabinets. If you are looking for Benjamin Moore’s white paint color for kitchen cabinets we have the perfect guide for you.

Bright white paints are prevalent everywhere. To decorate the kitchen cabinet, you can choose cool and warm undertones that go well with white colors. Because these paints will take your finished interiors to the next level. White colors not only make your room feel warm and cozy but also counteract the cold climate.

The sheen of white colors creates amazing contrast between woodworks and walls. Benjamin Moore is a big name in the world of paints. It offers a wide variety of neutral white paints that are brilliant for kitchen cabinets. You can choose any popular shade of white with distinct undertones.

In this section, we have compiled a list of some of the best Benjamin Moore white paint colors for kitchen cabinets. 

Top 10 Best Benjamin Moore White Paint Color For Kitchen Cabinets

Chantilly Lace Kitchen Cabinets (Source)

1. Chantilly Lace OC-65

Chantilly Lace is the truest white color that is popular for being pure and bright white. This color is perfect for doors, trims, ceilings, cabinets, walls, etc. 

Sometimes, it reflects contrast against different subtler colors. You may find it too sterile for walls, however, it looks amazing on kitchen cabinets if you are going for a modern style.

Cloud White Kitchen Cabinets (Source)

2. Cloud White CC-40

Cloud white is true and steady color for cabinets due because it’s a soft color on the eyes. Due to its cloudy appearance, it doesn’t offer a sharp contrast with door or wall colors. 

However, it couples well with different soft and subtle paints like HC-172 Revere Pewter. The color is widely used for trims and can be applied to kitchen cabinets as well. 

Dove Wing Kitchen Cabinets (Source)

3. Dove Wing OC-18

Dove Wing falls in the category of off-white colors and it is ideal for kitchen cabinets and walls. Its yellowish tone makes it warm and it has some gray tones depending on how light reflects on it. 

The color is ideal for multiple purposes including white kitchen cabinets. 

Decorate White Kitchen Cabinets

4. Decorate White CC-20

Decorative White is another great entry in the list of white paint colors for kitchen cabinets. It is an off-white color that comes with a little gray. 

This color is a stunning off-white option for your kitchen cabinets. You can consider it a softer version of pure white paint like Chantilly Lace. This shade works perfectly with trim colors after combining it with grays.

Intense White Kitchen Cabinets (Source)

5. Intense White OC-51

Intense White falls in the group of the grayscale off-whites. It also comes with a little bit of undertone of green that makes it feel warmer even without making it yellow-gray. 

The color feels warmer and that is why it can be a great choice for walls and cabinetry as well. Being a flexible gray, it looks amazing in various shades of gray. For example, you can combine a muted white with lighter shades of white trim.

Simple White Kitchen Cabinets (Source)

6. Simple White OC-117

Simple White is one of the most popular colors of Benjamin Moore. Because it was declared the color of the year in 2016. It is perfect to get fresh but warm shades of white, and you can combine it with some bright colors like Cloud White and Chantilly Lace. 

Formerly, a Simple White color was used only for millwork and trims. However, it has become a great choice for walls and kitchen cabinets as well. 

White Dove Kitchen Cabinets (Source)

7. White Dove OC-17

White Dove is a counterpart of the famous Dove Wing. You can consider it a slightly lighter version of the previously mentioned color. The color comes with less yellow and higher gray which makes a warm but more neutral-colored off-white. 

It is a versatile color that is perfect for trim, walls, as well as kitchen cabinets. You can use it on walls and cabinets at the same time with different sheen textures to make your kitchen more stylish.

Oxford White Kitchen Cabinets (Source)

8. Oxford White CC-30

Oxford White is one of the best-selling whites. Because it’s a great choice for millwork, cabinets, and trims. This clean, fresh, and modern white are warm enough to complement warm colors as well as pure enough to be suited to cool colors. 

Oxford White is a version of Chantilly Lace that is softer, and you can mix it with many colors.

Paper White Kitchen Cabinets (Source)

9. Paper White OC-55

Paper White leans between the gray of Pure White and the warmth of Intense White. The color shares the qualities of both colors to form a creamy type of cool gray. 

It looks great on walls and cabinets. You can create a fresh white that pairs perfectly well with the tones of grays, greens, and blue.

Pure White Kitchen Cabinets (Source)

10. Pure White OC-64

Though its name is pure white, it’s not the purest white available. Pure white is the coolest color in this list of whites because it comes with the bluest undertones. 

For a crisp, vivid, and soft look, it contains a little gray as well. It is ideal for walls due to its shiny look. After mixing it with blues, it can be a perfect option for kitchen cabinets. 

Should You Use White Paint On Kitchen Cabinets?

White cabinets are timeless, bright, clean, and offer plenty of options to decorate your kitchen. There are many ways to add colors to countertops, ceilings, doors, floors, and walls with white kitchen cabinets. 

Since it combines so well with pretty much any other color, white remains one of the most popular choices for kitchen cabinets.

What Is The Most Popular White In Benjamin Moore?

Many colors offered by Benjamin Moore are immensely popular. For example, Simply White – OC-117 – was declared the color of the year in 2016 due to its high quality. Similarly, White Dove, Cloud White, and Dove White are also extremely popular colors.

What Is Benjamin Moore’s Whitest White?

Chantilly Lace OC-65 and Super White OC-152 are the whitest among all of the white paints Benjamin Moore has available.

Chantilly Lace OC-65

This color is extremely popular among homeowners and designers alike due to its brightest tone. Its LRV is 92. LRV stands for light reflectance value, and it represents the amount of light that a certain color can reflect.

Chantilly Lace is the purest white color offered by Benjamin Moore. We can consider it a neutral white because it doesn’t contain any strong undertones. 

The Chantilly Lace color is ideal for trim, cabinets, and walls due to its gorgeous bright look. You can also consider it for kitchen cabinets.

Super White OC-152

Super White is the second whitest white offered by Benjamin Moore, with an LRV of 89.09. This striking white paint color is neither warm nor cool. 

As the name suggests, it’s crisp super white. It also has no obvious undertones that make it one of the whitest white paint available. This color is great for cabinets, doors, walls, trim, and ceilings as well. If you are looking for the whitest white color, you can consider it as well.

Should I Choose A Darker Or Whiter White?

Colors are extremely important when it comes to creating a unique aesthetic look for your kitchen. They make things much brighter and stylish. On the other hand, colors can also distort the look if you do not choose them carefully.

That’s why you must be very careful when picking up your favorite colors. How you select color depends on multiple factors. For example, if you are choosing two colors, you need to consider the contrast of both colors with each other. 

Similarly, if you have chosen a darker color, choosing another darker color may not be the best choice.

From this point of view, you must know when to use a darker white and when to go with whiter white. 

Below are some helpful tips you should consider when choosing a darker or whiter white color:

  • Lighter white colors are timeless and classy. If a kitchen contains lacquer look furniture, you should go with the lighter one for uniqueness. 
  • Lighter colors are good options for those areas with not enough natural light. On the other hand, you should go with darker white for large spaces with ample sunlight.
  • If you are looking for traditional and modern looking colors, light colors are the best options for you.

What Colors Should I Use To Decorate My Kitchen With White Kitchen Cabinets?

If you have a white kitchen cabinet, follow the below color patterns to make your kitchen welcoming:

White, Blue, and Light Gray Colors

Instead of going with one color, you should paint your kitchen with multiple colors. White, blue, and light gray are one of the best combinations. 

It works extremely well in kitchens that get a lot of sunlight. White color for cabinets and countertops with blue and light gray for walls for a perfect vintage look.

White, Green, and Brown Color

Do you want to see a green refrigerator in your kitchen? Seems like a bad idea? But white cabinets, brown wall color, and the green fridge are an outstanding combination to take your kitchen to the next level. 

You can also use brown color to paint shelves. This combination makes your kitchen more colorful and warmer.

What Type Of Wall Paint Should I Use With White Kitchen Cabinets?

Most interior designers choose earthy colors for walls if you have white kitchen cabinets. Because it offers a welcoming feel and is very comfortable for the eyes.

Choosing different stunning colors for kitchen cabinets, countertops, doors, and walls offer a cheerful feel to your beloved home. Instead of dark colors, try to choose light or neutral colors for walls because dark colors don’t work well with white cabinets.

You should choose friendly colors for walls. Friendly colors are those that have enough tint and shade. You can easily spice up the color of your kitchen by mixing a neutral color with red. 

If the resulted colors become too warm, still, you can easily cool them down by adding green, blue, or violet colors.

If you are still don’t know what stunning color to pick for your kitchen walls – Here are some suggested colors for you:


Red might not be your favorite color, especially for the kitchen. However, it can be the finest option with white cabinets. 

It offers a sparkly and classy look once you combine it with white cabinets. It also reduces the warmth of dark colors. 

Plus, red can be the best option if your kitchen has plenty of stainless steel items. 


Brown is another perfect complement for a kitchen with a white cabinet because of its earthy tone. We get foods from the earth and the natural color of our plants is also brown. 

That’s why brown is the perfect option for your kitchen. Besides, you can enhance the beauty of your kitchen by using accessories of different colors to diminish the monotony of brown color.


The combination of white cabinets, white countertops, and white walls is superb. White is my favorite color that helps you to make your kitchen classy and welcoming. 

It is a timeless choice that will always stay relevant in the interior design world.

Light Yellow Color

Bright yellow color is another one of the top contenders for kitchen walls with white cabinets. You should go with this color if the tiles’ color is brown. 

The yellow brings ambiance to your kitchen by reflecting light. You can further spice up the light yellow by using blue painting in your kitchen for a vintage atmosphere.

Blue and Light Gray Color

You can also use multiple colors to paint your kitchens for a modern look. However, you will have to come up with the right combination of colors. You should consider blue and light gray colors when going with multiple color options. 

Both colors give a bright contrast and take your kitchen to the next level. Further, you can enhance its look by choosing brown or red tiles or wood. It has also become a very common choice to paint kitchen cabinets blue-gray.

Navy Blue Color

Navy blue works perfectly with the white countertop and red-brown floor. In this way, your kitchen will have a rugged appearance. Navy blue color looks enticing especially when you apply it directly opposite to the white color.

Orange, white, and grey

The color combination of these trio gives a modern look to your kitchen. Cabinets should be white and walls should be gray and light orange. These colors make your kitchen look awesome. 

What Color Should My Countertop Be With White Kitchen Cabinets?

When it comes to choosing the right countertop color there is a huge variety of colors that can go well with it. 

Therefore, you can pick any style that works well with the countertops and the rest of the décor. 

Are you looking for a sleek and cutting-edge design with amazing contrast between black and white? 

Do you want a whole white kitchen for a clean and sharp look and feel? 

Or maybe you prefer a countertop with some warm hues for getting a combination of brightness and warmth. Let’s have a brief overview of the best countertops with white kitchen cabinets.


It’s a versatile color that can make its place almost everywhere. That’s why it can be a great option with white cabinets. The color comes with a huge variety of materials like marble, laminate, granite, and quartz. 

It gives a fresh look to your kitchen without making it dark significantly.

Brown or Beige

Brow or beige colors are quite prevalent colors for countertop materials. For instance, the combination of brown tones and hints of some other colors like red, blue, and green is another great option. 

This way you can add good diversity and warmth to your kitchen with white cabinets. Wood seems to be the best option if you are thinking of choosing these colors for your countertop.


If you want to keep everything simple but still appealing, you can pick white for countertops. 

White countertops and white cabinets will give a shiny and pristine look to your kitchen. Shiny finishes of white countertops reflect light and make your kitchen much brighter. 

Above all, white countertops are very easy to match with backsplashes, flooring, paint, and other accessories. 


Benjamin Moore offers a wide range of shades of white color for kitchen cabinets. Whatever your taste is, they have the right color that will make your kitchen look great. 

White paint is beautiful and suits everything from countertops to cabinets and from walls to trims. Hopefully, you will find your desired Benjamin Moore white color for kitchen cabinets on this list. If you are thinking of painting your kitchen cabinets white, you might also want to check the best Sherwin Williams whites for kitchen cabinets.

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