Best Blue Gray Paint Color For Kitchen Cabinets

best blue gray paint color for kitchen cabinets

Blue gray paint is getting popular everywhere day by day, especially when it comes to kitchen cabinets. This versatile color isn’t new but it seems that it is experiencing a huge resurgence. Why? 

The amazing blueish tones go well with all styles of decor from bathrooms to bedrooms and from living rooms to kitchens. 

Blue is a relaxing and calm color that can be a great inspiration for many designs. When you mix it with gray undertones, you get a super stylish mix. 

Blue grays come with a more sophisticated look as compared to typical blue. And, the addition of gray color into blue makes it a perfect look for a cozy kitchen.

In this detailed guide, we will cover different aspects of this super cool color. 

What Is Blue Gray Color?

Blue gray color is basically a bluish-grey shade that is created by mixing a little blue color with grey. Simply put it is a blue color that comes with gray undertones. 

The color can also make a sense of dreariness and detachment but it also adds uniqueness, elegance, and professionalism to your designs. Due to its muted and neutral tone, sharp black and white colors work very well when combined with blue gray.

The hex code of this incredible color is #6699CC in RGB color space. In a RGB decimal color space, its color code is RGB(102,153,204). 

The blue grey color is very popular for kitchen cabinets due to its stunning look and feel. While it is also easy to combine with white, and it creates a great contrast.

Types Of Blue Gray Colors To Choose From

There is a huge range of blue gray colors available in the market. That’s why you have to double-check the color before making your final decision.

Let’s talk about the top 10 types of blue grays:

Top 10 Types of Blue Gray Colors

Icy By Sherwin-Williams
Kitchen island cabinet with Icy color

1. Icy By Sherwin-Williams

Icy is the most popular light blue color that is superb for interior or exterior painting. It looks amazing in bedrooms if you are pondering a light neutral blue. 

The gray undertones further enhance its stylish look. You can choose it for areas that don’t have enough light.

Thundercloud by Behr
Thundercloud Kitchen cabinets

2. Thundercloud by Behr

Thundercloud is an adorable blue that is one of the most favorite blue greys types. It comes with amazing subtle green undertones. 

You will unconsciously be drawn to this color while looking at thousands of other colors due to its charming look. This perfect blend of both colors is soothing and it is exquisite.

Flower Box by Benjamin Moore
Kitchen cabinets with Flower Box color

3. Flower Box by Benjamin Moore

If you want to have the perfect balance of both colors, Flower Box might be the finest option for you. Due to its true upscale look, it’s the best of the best blue gray colors for kitchen cabinets. 

Its unique look makes your design stand out among all. The only downside of the shade is that it’s a bit pricy. That’s why everyone can’t afford it. 

Granite Peak by Sherwin-Williams
Kitchen island cabinet with Granite Peak Color

4. Granite Peak by Sherwin-Williams

Granite Peak is a dark gray color that comes with blue mixed with it. Its color code is SW 6250. 

This beautiful color is optimal for walls and media rooms due to its deep grayish blue appearance. You can add drama to your home by using Granite Peak.

Dockside Blue by Sherwin-Williams
Dockside Blue Kitchen Cabinets

5. Dockside Blue by Sherwin-Williams

Dockside Blue comes with subtle green and aqua tones. This dusty blue gray color offers a more sophisticated look than any other typical bluish color. 

It is perfect for interior and exterior coloring because it looks very soothing.

Sterling by Benjamin Moore
Kitchen cabinets with Sterling color

6. Sterling by Benjamin Moore

Sterling is another great blue gray offered by Benjamin Moore. This super neutral color is a bit tricky because it looks gray if you look inside the paint can. However, it gives a bluish look once it dries up. 

It happens due to the reflection of light on it. If you are considering this color always test it, and don’t judge it based on what you see inside the paint can. Test it out to see how it looks on walls in fair lighting. 

Upward by Sherwin-Williams
Upward Kitchen Cabinets

7. Upward by Sherwin-Williams

Upward is an amazing subtle gray-blue color manufactured by Sherwin-Williams. Its color code is SW 6239. It gives a bluish look when it’s on the walls. Due to its light tone, combining it with white color further enhances its looks. 

For example, if you are choosing Upward for walls, choose white to contrast with everything else. In this way, your room will have matchless look.

Windy Blue by Sherwin-Williams
Windy Blue Kitchen Cabinet Color

8. Windy Blue by Sherwin-Williams

Windy Blue is another impressive blue grey that earned its place in the list of top 10 blue gray paint colors due to its charming look. If you are not good at color differentiation, you may confuse it with Upward. 

Remember it comes with a much stronger blue color as compared to the previous one. Pairing it with black furniture and dark hardwood floors will give a very pleasing look to your home.

Bracing Blue by Sherwin-Williams
Bracing Blue Kitchen Cabinet Color

9. Bracing Blue by Sherwin-Williams

As the name suggests, Bracing Blue comes with deeper blue color. It can be perfectly paired with Windy Blue. 

Off-white carpet or dark and light hardwood floor and bracing blue is a great combination. It is a great choice for both interior and exterior spaces.

Stillwater by Sherwin-Williams
Stillwater Kitchen Cabinets

10. Stillwater by Sherwin-Williams

Stillwater is the last entry in this list, however, the list of blue-grays doesn’t end here! It’s basically a dusty navy color due to its gray undertones. Unlike typical navy, it’s a bit lighter that offers a soothing feel. 

What Is The Most Popular Blue and Gray Paint For Kitchen Cabinets?

Although white kitchen cabinets are still very popular, now the trend is changing for modern kitchens. There are plenty of interesting colors to choose from, and there is a good reason blue grey has become one of the most popular choices.

It creates a unique contrast in the kitchen, by having simple white walls and ceiling, the blue gray kitchen cabinets can create a very welcoming and cozy environment.

There are also a lot of blue gray colors with unlimited options ranging from blueish tones to warmer colors.

Apart from its graceful look, it is adaptable with various shades of light to dark tones. You can easily pair it with different backsplash designs, appliance finishes, and countertop materials.

This makes it extremely versatile to use. If you are looking for a delightful blue gray color for your kitchen cabinets, you can go with any of the colors mentioned in the above section. 

No doubt all the aforementioned colors are amazing, let’s look at some more colors specially created for kitchen cabinets!

Pavestone Kitchen Cabinet Color

1. Pavestone (#7642) by Sherwin-Williams 

Pavestone is one of the best blue gray paints available for kitchen cabinets including the island. If you want to take the look of your kitchen to the next level, this might be the best option for you. This timeless color is superb for well-lit kitchens having natural light.

It is a grey color with some blue undertones, that really shine in kitchen cabinets.

2. Gray Owl (#2137) by Benjamin Moore

Gray Owl is the best-selling color of Benjamin Moore. If you want us to recommend our favorite color, we will suggest you go with Gray Owl. You can use it anywhere in the kitchen due to its stylish and restful look. 

It also matches with simple and minimalistic decor, and its blueish undertones make it a stunning choice.

Bachelor Blue Kitchen Cabinet Color

3. Bachelor Blue (#1629) by Benjamin Moore

Bachelor Blue is a light dusty navy that coordinates well with many other blue gray paints. It comes with a non-damaging adhesive backing that enhances its view if you look at it from multiple positions. 

This repositionable paint looks stunning on the cabinet in different lighting. 

4. Aleutian (#6241) by Sherwin-Williams

Aleutian is another incredible color on this list due to its charming look. This deeper blue gray is a chameleon that looks bluer in fade light and less blue in other light conditions. 

You should give it a try for your kitchen cabinet. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

5. Manor Blue (#1627) by Benjamin Moore

Manor Blue is our last pick in the most popular Blue Gray paint for kitchen cabinets. It is a blue grey color that comes with a muted tone and upscale look. 

In addition to this, it offers a smidge of violet undertones for a more graceful style. You should consider it for modern kitchen cabinet décor. 

Is Blue Gray Color Good For Kitchen Cabinets?

The straight answer to this question is a big yes! If you want to furnish your kitchen cabinet using this color, go with it without any worries.

Blue gray color has become one of the most popular colors for kitchen cabinets along with white and cream colors. Because this color offers a calming and relaxing look with an elegant style.

The color can be a great accent color for your black and white kitchen due to its neutral tone. Many designers consider a blue gray cabinet a bold decor choice, that can make the rustic kitchen more stylish and modern. Combining it with a multicolored backsplash, it will look more striking.

blue gray scheme color
Blue gray color scheme

Should You Choose A Darker Or Lighter Blue Gray?

Colors not only increase the aesthetic values of your kitchens but also make them more brighter and stylish. However, many people get confused when thinking about: should they choose a darker or lighter blue color for the kitchen cabinet?

Whatever color you choose, it should maintain the warmth, look and feel, and the overall effect of your kitchen. You should also consider how it will fit within the decor your kitchen currently has.

Below are some useful tips you should keep in mind when deciding on darker versus lighter blue gray:

  • Lighter blue grey is a good option for smaller spaces, especially, if there’s not enough natural light. Contrary to this, you should go with darker options for large spaces with ample sunlight.
  • If one or more walls of your kitchen have exposed bricks or red textures, you should go with a lighter blue gray option for creating a stunning contrast.
  • Usually, dark colors are linked with luxurious homes. Therefore, choose a dark blue gray color if you have ample space in your kitchen.
  • Light colors look timeless and classy. If furniture has a lacquer look, you should mix light and dark tones for a unique and classy feel.
  • Wear and tear and other stains are clearly visible on a lighter shade. If you are okay with it, you should go with a lighter color. However, going with a dark color for a wall that is prone to stains will be a smart move.
  • Light colors have traditional, modern, and even contemporary looks. You won’t have to update them frequently. That’s why some colors remain timeless and never go out of style or trend.
  • Dark colors add formality, richness, and depth to your areas. The dark blue gray color looks gorgeous on cabinets, doors, and walls as well. However, you will have to be very choosy when going with dark colors.

What Kitchen Wall Colors Work Best With Blue Gray Kitchen Cabinets?

Blue gray is a lovely color for your kitchen cabinet. However, the solo color of the cabinet won’t look stunning until it matches all the elements including the walls in the kitchen. Therefore, you must choose the color of the walls Intelligently that works best with the blue gray kitchen cabinets.

Below are some good color ideas for kitchen walls if you have blue gray kitchen cabinet:

White Color

A kitchen with white walls and a blue gray cabinet is matchless. This color combo is most common than any other for a kitchen. White color offers good contrast with grayish-blue color by keeping the design from feeling extremely dark.

The white color also makes a very good contrast with some other light colors like greige or beige to keep the design bright. And, these color combinations are very popular as well.

Light Green Color

If you want to go with some alternate option of white, light green color can be the finest option for you. Avoid going with dark green color because it will become overwhelming easily. A lighter green shade with blue gray creates and clean and crisp environment.

Yellow Color

Using warmer colors like yellow along with blue gray is another great option. Because some studies show that warmer colors stimulate appetite. That’s why walls with warmer colors like yellow promote cooking and eating.

You should pair a blue gray cabinet with light yellow for getting a sophisticated kitchen. Red stirs up emotions so you should go with it to get good results.

Other options

Coffee Brown, Wild Sea Orient, City Loft, Alabaster, Mindful Gray, Crushed Ice, Neutral Ground, Reflection, On the Rock, Natural Choice are some other great options for kitchen walls if it has a blue gray colored kitchen cabinet.

What Countertop Colors Work Best With Blue Gray?

Selecting the color of all elements in the kitchen is extremely important if you want to make your dreamy kitchen. That’s why you should choose a countertop color that has good contrast or match with walls, cabinets, and other elements. 

Hundreds of countertop color options are available to match blue gray. Let’s talk about some best options:


A white countertop works best with blue gray whether your kitchen is traditional or contemporary. Similarly, a creamy white or white with speckles countertop with a blue gray cabinet will look as pretty as a picture. Plain crisp white is the best option to make your kitchen appear minimalist and cleaner.

Wood Worktop with Orange or Red Undertones

It is a well-loved choice for many designers. Both blue gray cabinet and a wood worktop having orange and red undertones go strikingly well together.


Dark black color can be an excellent option for a countertop. This bold color is as appealing as the white color in the blue gray kitchen. 

You should give it a try to further beautify your kitchen. Apart from the aforementioned colors, New River White, Coffee Brown, Viscount White, Wild Sea Orient, and Salinas White are also good options. 

Similarly, you can also consider Atrium White, Mindful Gray, and White Heron colors for the countertop.

Should You Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets Blue Grey?

Yes, you should paint your kitchen cabinets blue gray color. Because this color is commonly used for this purpose. The reason behind its popularity is its calming and relaxing look with elegant style. 

The color has a neutral tone that can turn the rustic kitchen more modern and stylish.

In addition to this, if you choose it for the kitchen cabinet, you will have various other color options for walls, countertops, and other elements of the kitchen. Above all, this color is available in multiple shades. 

That’s why you can choose any lighter to darker shade based on your need.

You can distinguish your kitchen from other portions of your home using this enticing color. If you choose blue grey for the kitchen cabinet, you can choose an off-white color for walls and white or cream color for countertops to make your kitchen more appealing.


As you have seen, there’s a huge variety of paint shades when we talk about blue gray. Both colors, blue and gray, are amazing and form equally amazing colors, blue gray when combined.

Selecting the best of the best color for the cabinet and other elements of the kitchen is a tedious job. In this article, we have enlisted many popular colors for your ease.

You will have most possibly found the perfect combination of colors for your kitchen after reading this article. 

Wrapping up, the blue grey paint color is perfect for kitchen cabinets, walls, countertops, doors, windows, etc. If you find your favorite blue gray shade in this guide, our mission of writing this detailed guide is achieved. 

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