Can You Use Body Paint on Your Hair? Solved

body paint on your hair

Can you use face and body paint on your hair and is it safe? This question pops up in every makeup artist and cosplayer’s mind. The short answer is, yes!

However, there is something that you still need to know. You must know what can happen to your hair when you apply body paint to them. 

What are the harmful effects of applying body paint on my hair? Is it safe? And how can I protect my hair from the impacts of body paint? 

All these questions must be going through your mind. You do not have to worry! We have all the answers at our end. Stick to the end of the article and you will find all the answers. 

Effects of Applying Body Paints on Hair

If you are an artist, you probably love to experiment with your colors. You must have come across people using body paints on their hair. Do you also want to try it out? Sure, you can. 

Body paints dry out quickly on your hair and helps you attain a quick colorful hairstyle. But wait, you must also know what happens after it. 

Here are some of the effects that show up when you apply body paint to your hair:

Hair Stiffness 

Once you apply body paint to your hair, your hair will become stiff. This is a common effect, and it is nothing like hair dye color where your hair turns silky and flawless. 

You might want to avoid painting your hair with body paint if you want it to look smooth. 

When the body paint dries up, your hair will feel rough when you touch it. your hair. This might be a little messy, and depending on the style you are trying to recreate you may want to avoid painting your hair with body paint. 

Scalp Damage

Scalp damage is a huge red flag that stops you from applying body paints to hair. Do you know body paints can harm your scalp?

If you are allergic to chemicals and have sensitive skin, your scalp may react to body paints. This is one of the reasons you should seriously consider not applying body paint to your hair. 

You might also feel itching as well, and it may develop rashes after applying the paint. Although not everyone is affected by body paint, some people face severe health issues. So, if you have sensitive skin, you must be careful while using body paints on your hair. 

Hair Damage

Another common problem that can arise after applying body paint to your hair is that you can damage it. 

Some body paints are packed with chemicals, and they are not manufactured to be applied to the hair. They may cause harm to your hair and scalp. 

Chemicals can damage the string bond of hair, leading them to become weak and rough. The same chemicals cause dryness of the scalp. 

Due to dryness, your hair may be damaged. However, it only happens if you apply body paints to hair frequently, or if you have an allergy to any of the ingredients on the body paint.


When you apply body paint on hair, clumps form. If you run your finger through your hair, you will notice those clumps. They can be very difficult to remove after, even if you use hot water and shampoo. 

This is one of the reasons you may want to avoid applying body paint to your hair, and instead, use a proper hair dye.

Loss of Hair

In the most extreme cases, using body paint on your hair can lead to loss of hair. This is not common, but it does happen if you use body paint frequently. 

When you apply the body paint on the hair, your hair will cling together, and this makes it difficult to wash away easily. When you are washing the paint off of your hair you may need to brush your hair excessively, and it can create knots that could lead to hair loss.

Paint Comes Off Due to Sweating

Lastly, body paint is not designed to be used on the hair. Although you can use it, you may start to see the color fade, and come off due to sweating. This is another reason to perhaps avoid using body paint on hair, especially in hot temperatures. You want to avoid having the paint in your hair running down your face.

How to Protect Your Hair from Impacts of Body Paints 

It is important to pinpoint that you can still safely apply body paint to your hair, and there are ways of protecting your hair from the possible impacts of body paint.

Here are a few tips and tricks to entertain yourself with this experiment without harmful results. 

Before you apply body paint to hair:

  • Check what the body paint you are using contains
  • Check if you are allergic to any of the ingredients
  • Look for each ingredient individually and thoroughly
  • Ensure you are not allergic to any of them

How to Apply Body Paints on Hair?

It is easy to apply body paint to your hair. All you need to do is follow three steps:

  • Step 1: Wash your hair
  • Step 2: Apply paint on wet hair
  • Step 3: Let your hair dry

Step1: Wash Your Hair

When applying body paint to any part of your body, and especially on the hair it is important to prepare everything in advance. Start by washing your hair. It will allow the paint to bind together easily with the hair, and it will also be easier to remove later on.

Step 2: Apply paint 

Once your hair starts to dry, you can start applying the paint carefully. Make sure you apply just enough paint, you want to avoid using too much paint because it can make the hair even stiffer and create clumps.

Step 3: Let it dry

Once you have applied the paint, it is now time to let it dry completely. Try not to move during this time, so that the paint has time to settle and cling to all of the individual hairs.

Removing Body Paint From Your Hair

Washing body paint from your hair is also an important part of painting your hair with body paint. In order to avoid hair damage, make sure you follow these 2 simple steps:

Wash Away 

Do not let the body paint sit on your hair for too long. This means that you should not let the body paint stay on your hair for more than a few hours. Wash it away as soon as possible. Otherwise, your hair will remain rough and it can damage the hair roots. 

As time goes by, it will also be increasingly more difficult to remove the paint from your hair. That is why you should wash them as soon as possible. 

Wash Thoroughly

You must wash your hair thoroughly. Do not take a short bath. Wash your hair multiple times so that not even a drop of paint remains on your hair. If you do not wash your hair thoroughly, the body paint may affect your hair and your scalp. 

FAQs About Body Paint on Your Hair

Can you use body paint spray on your hair?

Yes, you can use body paint spray on your hair. However, you should buy paint spray that is appropriate to use on the hair. Make sure that you read the label before applying body paint to your hair.

Can you use body paint markers on your hair?

You can, but it is not advisable. Body paint markers are a type of body paint designed for the body and face specifically to make the contour for intricate designs. It will take you a lot of time to completely paint your hair with a body paint marker and they are not made to be used on the hair.

Can temporary body paint be used on hair?

Yes, temporary body paint can be used on hair. However, you should wash it away as soon as possible to avoid hair damage. 

Can you put face paint on facial hair?

Yes, you can use face paints on facial hair. 

How long does body paint stay in your hair?

Body paints can stay in your hair for a long time, and they usually can last longer than when you apply them to the skin. However, you should not keep the paint in your hair for longer than a few hours, and try to remove it as soon as possible. The more time goes by, the more difficult it will be to remove the paint from your hair.

Will body paint ruin your hair?

Body paints will ruin your hair if you do not follow proper instructions, or if you have a medical condition that prevents you from using them in your hair. Make sure you consult with your doctor and dermatologist, and that the body paint you are using does not include ingredients that you are allergic to.

Is it easy to wash off body paint from hair?

It depends on the type of body paint you use, and how long you let the paint sit in your hair. It is not easy to wash off body paint from hair if you let it stay for a long time in your hair. You need to rub your hair fast and brutally. You may not be able to remove it just with shampoo.

How to get body and face paint out of your hair?

It would be best if you used soap first. Rub your hair fast with soap. Then, check if all the paint is washed away. If yes, then apply shampoo and conditioner. If not, then try to wash away paint with dishwashing soap. 


Although you can apply body paint to your hair, you need to make sure you know how to do it. This involves preparing everything in advance and choosing the right type of body paint to apply.

If you do not follow the recommended procedure you may damage your hair or your scalp, and this is something that should be avoided at all costs.

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