Guide for Body Paint That Will Not Rub Off

body paint that will not rub off or sweat off

It’s a shame when you spend so many hours creating your perfect body artwork, just to see your body disappearing due to sweat or being rubbed off. We all know the feeling of having your body paint smudged again and again. So what is the solution to this?

You can make the body paint last longer by choosing the right body paint. Body paints that will not sweat or rub off are the best so you do not have to worry about having your body artwork disappear or be tarnished. 

You don’t need to touch up, again and again, to preserve body paint.

In this guide, you will learn how to prevent body paint from rubbing off or sweating, by choosing the right paint. 

Keep reading as we will recommend some high-quality sweat-proof body paints that will not rub off. Let’s get started!

How Do You Stop Body Paint From Sweating Or Rubbing Off?

The first and foremost step to stopping body paint from sweating or rubbing off is to choose a paint that is sweatproof. Plus, the paint should be made of ingredients that stick to the skin and do not smudge.

Here are some tips that help body paint last longer on your skin:

  • Use high-quality body paint brands like Mehron
  • Shave your hairy body parts where you are going to apply body paint
  • Before painting your body, take a wipe cloth and wipe your skin and dry your skin completely with a towel
  • Avoid applying too much paint because excessive layering can make body paint crack
  • Try to apply paint that is just sufficient for the design
  • After applying paint to your body, wait a while until the paint dries completely
  • You can also use sealing products to stop body paint from sweating or rubbing off

Although you can use different methods to prevent your body paint from smudging, it all starts with picking the right body paint.

How Do You Stop Body Paint From Transferring?

In order to stop body paint from transferring the best solution is to use high-quality body paint. There are brands that offer body paint that doesn’t rub off easily when rubbed with different frictional surfaces. It’s recommended to use quality body paints to avoid transferring.

Plus, effective application of body painting also prevents paints from transferring. Using a setting spray and sealing body paint can also help you prevent this. 

You should first apply setting spray on your body and wait for a few seconds to dry it completely. Then, apply body paint using a sponge or airbrush, etc. After this, apply the sealing spray to finalize your paint and it will provide additional smudge resistance.

Best Way To Seal Body Paint

Sealing the paint on your body is crucial to make it last longer. For this purpose, you will have to use different body paint sealing products available in the market. Below are some stunning products to seal on your paint:

Ben Nye LiquiSet

Instead of water, you can use it to activate the paint. You will find it highly sticky when it’s dry. That’s why it enhances the stickiness of the paint. Making it easier for the body paint to stay on your body, and as a result, it lasts longer.

Kryolan Fixer Spray

Its appearance is somewhat similar to a bottle of hairspray, but you can use it to spray it all over the paint on your body to seal that. It is one of the best solutions when it comes to sealing body paint.

Body Art EBA Pro SEAL Spray 

It is an incredible shiner and waterproof setting spray for professional makeup artists. This spray can effectively seal almost all types of body paints. You can apply it using a spray bottle or airbrush.

Best Body Paint Brands That Do Not Rub Off Or Sweat Off

Besides all of the tips we have mentioned, one of the best ways of preventing your body paint from rubbing off or sweating causing smudging is to choose the right body paint brands. Here are some of the best body paint brands, that last longer, and are safe to use:

Mehron Makeup Paradise: Face & Body Paint

Mehron body paint is the number one choice of professional models and body painters working in the fashion industry. Its incredible pigment load and long-lasting sheen make it stand out among the competitors.

Paradise series body paints are made of excellent ingredients that are used in high-end beauty products. They are also water-based paint, which makes them last longer. These components are non-allergic, non-toxic, and 100% safe for all skin types. The paints are sweatproof and won’t get any crack under dry conditions.

Ruby Red

Red Ruby is an incredible body paint that comes with zero animal by-products. Its manufacturing hypoallergenic formula doesn’t contain gluten, nuts, or any other type of fragrances. Making it the perfect solution for pretty much everyone.

This paint series comes with around 99 stunning varieties that can further form hundreds of different newer shades when combined. These paints are ideal for both amateur and professional users.

These colors don’t fade off easily with water or sweat. They are also not prone to rubbing off. You have to spend a good amount of time rubbing off these paints to remove them. 

Midnight Glo UV Body Paint

This UV body paint is popular because it glows in low-light setups. If you want to stand out on any social occasion, this party wear can be an optimal option for you. Mixing it with any other body paint will take your look to the next level.

Though it is sweatproof, it doesn’t stick to the skin very well when compared with traditional body paint. However, it is extremely easy to apply to the skin and effortless to remove.

Graftobian Pro Paint Kit

Graftobian Pro is loaded with high-performance pigments to produce long-lasting results. This non-toxic paint doesn’t create any adverse reaction on the skin. It is ideal for professional and regular users because of its ease of use.

It also comes with a large variety of different colors, and it is the perfect solution if you plan on painting your body several times.

The paint kit is perfect for all types of occasions because it offers durability and excellent texture sheen. It doesn’t rub off easily on other surfaces.

The Snazaroo Range

The Snazaroo range is another one of the best body paint brands that doesn’t rub off or sweat off due to its super-high quality. It meets all the safety and health standards so it won’t be harmful to the skin.

These fragrance-free paints are water-based which makes them easy to apply to your body. This quality makes it a perfect choice for kids.

Remember these are not as sweet proof as Red Ruby so it will require touch-up from time to time. If you are looking for affordable body paints, there is no better option than the Snazaroo Range.


Hopefully, after reading this guide, you have chosen your desired body paint that will not sweat or rub off easily. Plus, you will be able to preserve your body paint using different skin preparation and sealing techniques.

All body paints and paint sealers, mentioned in this article, are 100% safe for your skin. Therefore, for perfect body painting artwork, follow the recommended body paints and sealing spray outlined in this article.

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