Body Paint & Clothes: How To Deal With Body Paint Stains

body paint stains

Whether you are at a party or an amazing nightclub, body paints have become extremely popular and common. But do you feel hesitant to wear body paints with your favourite clothes? Are you afraid of staining or damaging your outfit? 

Although several body paint manufacturers claim their paint to be easily washable and hassle-free there’s a catch. They are meant to be easily washable from the skin and not fabrics.

Does face or body paint stain clothes?

Most face and body paints do not stain clothes and can be easily removable with a quick wash. However, it still depends on the type of body paint and the fabric of your clothes. Some types of fabric absorb paint easily, and in the same way, some body paints tend to easily stain clothes. 

If you do happen to stain one of your favourite clothing pieces, make sure you take it to a dry cleaner and ask them to clean it for you. They will be far more experienced in dealing with this type of stain and will be able to remove it easily.

Does water-based body paint stain clothes?

Water-based body paint can stain clothes, and depending on the type of fabric it might be hard to remove. Since this type of paint is water-based, they are easier to remove when compared with other body paint types.

Does oil-based body paint stain clothes?

Oil-based body paint can stain clothes and those stains can be hard to remove. This is because these paints are oily, and tend to easily be absorbed by the fabric. Which makes them more difficult to remove than water-based body paint.

Does UV or neon body paint stain clothes?

Yes, UV or neon body paint might stain clothes, depending on the type of fabric and the body paint used. While some blacklight body paints barely stain the clothes, others can be hard to remove, and you might even have to ask a dry cleaner to do it for you.

Do blacklight paints stain clothes?

UV and neon body paints, as well as blacklight paints, are the same thing. Therefore, some of these paints might in fact stain your clothes. 

How to prevent your clothes from getting body paint stains?

One of the easiest ways to prevent your clothes from getting stained is to apply a little bit of body paint on an old rag. Then let it dry, and try to remove it. If it is very hard to remove, you are better off using your body paint with an outfit that you do not mind staining. 

Another piece of advice is to let the paint dry before moving around and getting it in contact with your clothes. With most body paints, once they dry, it will be difficult to stain fabric. You should also avoid wearing light clothes like white or cream since those stains tend to be harder to remove.

Prevention is always better, and it will save you time and money or even your favourite clothes. 

Will body paint stains come off clothes?

Yes, most body paint stains can come off easily, just by rinsing in water with a little soap. However, some stains might be harder to remove depending on the fabric of your clothes, and the type of paint that was applied.

Does body paint wash off clothes easily?

Yes, most body paint will wash off clothes easily, however this depends on a few factors:

  • Type of body paint used
  • Type of fabric
  • Body paint ingredients

Water-based body paint tends to come off easily from clothes, however, oil-based paint can be a lot more difficult to remove. Since it is easily absorbed by fabrics.

It is important to try to remove body paint from clothes while the paint is still wet, otherwise, if it dries it can be even more difficult to wash off.

If you tried to remove the stains but have not been able to completely wash them away, the best option is to go to a dry cleaner even if it is a little more expensive.

Here are a few tips to help you prevent body paint stains on your clothes:

1. Act fast

If you accidentally dropped body paint on your clothes, and the paint is still wet, try to remove it directly to the sink. You can try to use something to scrape the body paint off, like a butter knife. Just avoid smudging the area around the stain.

2. Try to remove the stains yourself

Water-based body paint

The best approach to removing water-based body paint is to sink the part of your clothes that are stained in water. In order to allow the paint to come off by itself while remaining soft. 

Once you have done that, use hot water combined with detergent and gently rub the stained area. You can also apply a stain remover. 

Use a simple sponge or even a toothbrush but do not apply a lot of pressure otherwise it might damage the fabric. You should see all of the paint starting to come off easily. If after the first attempt your stain is still visible, let it dry for a little bit, and repeat the same process.

Oil-based body paint

Removing oil-based body paint stains can be more tricky since this type of paint tends to be easily absorbed by fabrics. 

The best way to remove oil-based paint is to apply hand cleaner to the stain, and just let it sit for a while. Once the fabric absorbs the hand cleaner, you can use detergent, and rinse it. This should be enough to remove the stain. If not, you can let it dry, and if the stain is still visible you can repeat the process one more time.

3. Dry cleaner

If you can’t remove the stain by yourself, or you do not even want to risk destroying one of your favourite outfits just go to the nearest dry cleaner. They will know exactly what to do to remove the stain while maintaining your clothes intact.

Can body paint be used on clothes?

Bodypaint has a very different composition compared to the paint used on clothes. We all know that most body paint is easily washable, whereas paint or dye used on clothes is expected to last longer than body paint. 

Considering a rather interesting question, can body paints be used on clothes? It is not possible to use body paint on clothes since it will disappear once the clothes are washed. Even if it does not disappear completely the end result of dyeing clothes will not be achieved.

Can we use body paint on the fabric?

Yes, you can use body paint on fabric, although it is not the best way to dye clothes. This is because the body paint will fade, or disappear completely once you wash your clothes.

Fabric paint, also known as textile paint, is a type of polymer that is mainly created from an acrylic polymer. Acrylic paint is bound with a colour and then emulsified, making the paint durable and easily absorbed by fabrics.

What paint is safe to use on clothes?

Using a fabric medium in conjunction with any colour of acrylic paint is the quickest and most versatile method of painting on fabric permanently. Acrylic paint is a beautiful choice for creating permanent fabric since it is simple to use and adheres to the cloth, but you should avoid contact with the skin. Since acrylic paint is used for DIY fabric painting, you can access a broad range of colour options.


We have seen how body paint can leave stains on your clothes, and depending on the type of paint they can be hard to remove. Overall, you should try to avoid using your favourite outfit with body paint, to avoid staining it. 

Remember to follow our advice, in case you need to remove any body paint stains from clothes.

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