Is Body Paint Waterproof? Explained

body paint waterproof

This is a question that many people have when they are thinking of getting their bodies painted. It is important to know the answer to this question before you start painting your body. So, is body paint waterproof?

The first thing that you should know about body paint is that it can be very messy. This is especially true if you do not know how to apply the paint properly and if you do not have someone who knows what they are doing to help you out. 

You may end up with a lot of mess all over your body and this can make things harder than they should be.

Is body paint really waterproof?

Body paint is water-resistant but not really meant to be waterproof since it is usually very easy to wash off: simply use soap and water. However, this depends on the type of body paint you decided to use.

Some body paint types can last for up to two weeks, in the case of henna body paint, and temporary tattoo paint.

Most types of body paint are designed to be applied to the skin and to be easily washed off using the same methods you’d use to remove other products that get on your skin, like foundation or sunscreen.

You’ll want to make sure you use soap and water in a warm environment when washing off body paint, since cold temperatures may cause the product to dry out before you have a chance to remove it completely. 

Even in a warm environment, though, it’s still important to pay attention while removing body paint, since most are not very long-lasting.

Is face paint waterproof?

Most face paint types are water-resistant, but not all of them are waterproof. But before we get into the details of why, you should know that there are many different types of face paints on the market. 

Some face paints are designed to be waterproof, and others aren’t. Some face paints are designed to be water-resistant, while others aren’t. It’s up to you which ones you choose to wear!

For example, water-based body and face paint are not waterproof and can be easily removed when the paint comes in contact with water. Water-based face paint is also one of the most common types of face paint available in stores.

So what does “waterproof” mean? It means that if you were in a swimming pool with your face painted on, the paint wouldn’t come off for at least an hour.

This is important because most people don’t want their makeup running down their cheeks when they’re dancing at Coachella or doing yoga in Bali!

Face paint needs time to set and dry properly

The time it takes for the paint to dry depends on several factors, including what kind of paint you are using, how thickly you applied it, and what type of brush or sponge was used. 

Some paints can take 15-20 minutes to dry but will not budge once set. Other paints may only take a few minutes to dry. 

A good rule of thumb is to keep your hands off your design while it’s setting – this includes touching up and blending as well. If you do need to touch up, wait until the initial layer has dried thoroughly before adding more paint.

How do you waterproof water-activated face paint?

Making body paint or face paint waterproof, is what is commonly called sealing. Sealing is important if you want to keep your face paint intact for longer periods of time.

Here is how you can get your water-activated face paint sealed:

  1. Get a good brand of water-activated face paint

Before you start, make sure your water-activated face paint is non-toxic, washable, and 

hypoallergenic. You can usually find these in several specialty stores or online. 

You want to use a good quality brand from a reputable manufacturer, that has quality paint, even if it is slightly more expensive than the other options.

  1. Apply it to a dry face and keep the area dry

Use a sponge to apply the paint in a thick layer, and let it dry for 10 minutes so that it can harden and adhere to your skin

You are ready to go! If you are going to be in the water or rain, then you will want to use a spray-on sealer over the face painting once it is dry so that the paint does not wash away. 

Note that waterproof sealers can be hard to remove, but there are plenty of products available for removing face paints on the market that work well and do not irritate sensitive skin.

  1. Seal it with a body paint sealing spray

To lock in your design you need to use a body paint sealing spray. These vary depending on the type of body paint you are using.

The sealer makes the color more intense and prevents the design from smudging or running. However, don’t apply too much or you’ll clump up your paint or make it peel too easily.

Be careful not to get it in your eyes either. Finally, just as with all of the other steps in this process, do it over a bathroom sink or covered area so that you don’t get hair spray on your clothes!

Water-activated face paint is easy to put on and remove and can be made waterproof.

If you’ve chosen to use water-activated face paint, you’ll want it to last as long as possible on your face. Let’s start with the basics:

● It’s easy to put on and doesn’t require any special tools. Just add a small amount of water to a cup or bowl, dip your brush (or sponge), and apply it directly to your skin.

● It’s easy to take off—just wash it off with soap and water when you’re done using it. Or use a special product made for removing face paint if need be.

● It won’t last as long as other types of face or body paint, so don’t expect it to stay on all day without touch-ups, but if that’s okay with you then there are some things you can do to make it more waterproof. 

What do I use for sealing?

The best way to make your body paint last is to coat it with a sealant. Sealants come in many different brands and types, and it’s important to get one that’s right for the type of body paint you are using. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a sealant:

  • Is it non-toxic? You don’t want your skin breaking out from exposure to chemicals.
  • Does the brand sell its product specifically for use on body paint? If not, you may want to purchase something else. 

Does face paint come off in the pool?

They do. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t wear face paint in the pool. If it comes off, it can easily get in your eyes. 

What’s worse, if it gets into the water, it can cause swimmers to become ill because of its chemical composition. Pools use chlorine and other chemicals to kill germs in the water. 

When these disinfectants are mixed with chemicals found in face paints, they can produce an irritant that affects swimmers’ airways and lungs, resulting in shortness of breath or asthma-like symptoms.

Best waterproof body paint

If you’re looking for the best paint that can be used on the skin, these paints are worth checking out. All of them are water-resistant, non-toxic, easy to remove, affordable, and safe for sensitive skin.

Snazaroo body paint starter set

A great choice for beginning face painters, the Snazaroo body paint starter set comes with eight different colors of high-quality, water-based paint. This means the paints are easy to remove and kind to your skin: simply wash them off with soap and water! 

Each container holds almost two ounces of body paint, so you can use them on multiple people or on multiple occasions.

In addition to the starter set’s variety of colors, there are also many shades available separately in a range of sizes. 

The paints come in single containers holding an ounce or more, as well as economy packs that contain between five and twenty milliliters each. 

They can be purchased individually or by color family (black/gray, brown/beige/tan, red/pink/orange). 

Snazaroo even offers mystery packs if you’re looking for a fun surprise color selection!

This is a highly versatile product because it comes in pots designed for young children as well. Because these paints are washable from both clothes and skin (with no staining), they’re safe enough for use on kids—which makes them perfect for birthday parties or Halloween costumes!


If you’re looking for a good place to start and want a brand that’s easy to find, Rubie’s is the way to go. The name of this brand alone should tell you that it’s the top choice for body paint among both professional cosplayers and those who just want to try it out as a hobby.

Rubie’s has many options, including their standard-size Aquacolor line (in various colors), as well as smaller packs of their metallic line. 

Both lines have excellent pigmentation, but if you’re just getting started with body painting, we recommend sticking with the standard line—it’s easier to wash off than the metallic one.

Finally, if you’d prefer liquid makeup, Rubie’s also offers Body Art Water Based Face & Body Paint (which comes in sets or singles). 

That said, most cosplayers choose Aquacolor for its non-toxic qualities and ease of use.

Blue Squid face paint party pack

This set comes with 12 vibrant colors. It’s non-toxic, easy to apply, and easy to remove, making it ideal for parents with young children participating in a backyard pool party (or adults who just want to play!). Because it’s so gentle on the skin, it can even be used on kids with sensitive skin.

Mehron makeup paradise makeup AQ face and body paint

This water-based and non-toxic body paint comes in a wide variety of colors and is easy to apply. It’s perfect for special effects makeup areas or for just adding some flash to your face. The paint can be mixed with other colors, which helps you create the perfect color for your skin tone.


Body painting can be a lot of fun, but it can also be disappointing to see your intricate designs getting smudged with a little bit of water.

If you are looking to pick the perfect body paint that is waterproof, you need to choose the top brands. If you are still unsure if your body or face paint is waterproof, you can test it on a little part of your body. Just apply it, and put some water on it after it dries to see if it is waterproof.

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