How To Make Body Paint: 3 Easy DIY Recipes

how to make body paint

Body paint is a fun way to express art on your own body. Whether you’re going to a costume party or just want to dress up for a night on the town, body paint can help you stand out from the crowd. Do you have to buy face and body paint or can you make it? How to make body paint and face paint that makes you shine?

Making your own body paint is easy and inexpensive, and it gives you the opportunity to customize your look.

In this guide, we will go over 3 recipes that you can use to make your own body paint.

How to make body paint at home

To make body paint, you’ll need:

  • A base color (white, black, or another light color)
  • A secondary color (for shading or accenting)
  • A third color (optional, for additional shading or accenting)
  • Body lotion or cream
  • Makeup brushes or sponges
  • A bowl or cup for mixing
  • Water


Start by mixing your base color with body lotion or cream in a ratio of about 2:1. For example, if you’re using 1 ounce (30 ml) of white paint, mix it with 2 tablespoons (30 ml) of lotion.

If the mixture is too thick, add more lotion until it reaches a consistency that’s easy to apply. Once the base color is mixed, add small amounts of the secondary and third colors until you achieve the desired shade.

To apply the paint, use a brush or sponge to apply it evenly to the skin. Start with a small amount and build up the coverage as needed. When you’re finished, use a wet cloth or baby wipes to remove the paint from your skin.

Body paint is a great way to add some fun and excitement to your look. With a little bit of creativity, you can use it to create any number of looks. So have fun and let your imagination run wild.

What Can I Use As Body Paint?

There are a variety of products that can be used as body paint, but the best option is to use makeup products like foundation or lipstick. Although there are some clear differences between makeup and body paint, they are safe and similar in many ways.

Some people experiment with other types of paint, including traditional art supplies like acrylic or watercolor paints, although these are not recommended

Body paint can be applied directly to the skin and can be removed with soap and water. When choosing a type of body paint, it is important to consider the intended use and desired effect.

For example, if you want a long-lasting design, you will need to use a product that is waterproof and won’t rub off easily.

On the other hand, if you want a more temporary look, any type of paint or makeup will work. 

Below are some common products that can be used as body paint.

Makeup Products

Foundation, concealer, blush, eye shadow, and lipstick can all be used as body paint. Many people simply apply these products directly to their skin and blend the color with their hands or a makeup sponge.

If you want more precise control over the application, you can use brushes or sponges instead. Makeup products provide an easy way to achieve a wide range of looks using only one product type.

However, most formulations are not waterproof and may rub off easily if exposed to water or sweat for long periods of time.

Body Glitter/Gel

Body glitter and gel provide a much more temporary look than traditional paints or makeup due to how easily they wash away. However, they can add a fun and glamorous touch to your body art.

On the other hand, if you are looking for something more temporary with a more natural look, makeup products like foundation or lipstick may be appropriate. Whatever your needs, there are plenty of options available when it comes to body paint.

What Ingredients Are In Body Paint?

Body paint is a unique form of art that involves the use of colorful cosmetics to create beautiful designs on the human body.

Depending on the type of materials used, body paint can be temporary or permanent and can either be applied in layers or with stencils.

The main ingredients found in most types of body paint are pigments, binders, resins, oils, and fragrances.

The pigments provide color to the paint and often come from natural sources such as crushed minerals, plants, or insects.

Binders act as adhesives that hold the pigment together and help keep it from cracking or flaking off when dry.

Resins are synthetic polymers that help make the paint waterproof and flexible once it dries, while oils serve to condition and moisturize the skin. Finally, fragrances are added to body paint as a way of enhancing its smell and adding pleasant aromas.

DIY Washable Body Paint

Washable body paint is a type of cosmetic that has the ability to be removed from the skin with just soap and water.

Unlike traditional body paints, which require solvents or makeup removers to wash off, washable body paints use ingredients like glycerin and soap in their formulations to make them easy to clean.

Making your own washable body paint at home is relatively simple and can be done using commonly available ingredients. To get started, you’ll need some basic supplies including:

Powdered tempera paint – this can usually be found at craft stores or online. Look for a good quality brand with bright colors.

Glycerin – look for 100% pure glycerin if possible, but you can also use 70% glycerin. This will help to make the paint more opaque and easier to apply.

Distilled water – this is important to avoid any contaminants in your paint.

Soap – any gentle soap will do like baby shampoo or body wash.

To make the paint, simply mix together equal parts of the tempera paint and glycerin. Add distilled water a little at a time until you reach the desired consistency.

Finally, add a few drops of soap and mix well. The soap helps to bind the ingredients together and makes the paint easier to remove from the skin once dry.

To use, apply the paint to clean, dry skin using a brush or sponge. Allow the paint to dry completely before covering it with clothing. When you’re ready to remove the paint, simply wash the area with soap and water.

If you want to make a more elaborate design, you can use stencils or stamps. Just be sure to apply a layer of petroleum jelly around the edges of the design first to prevent the paint from bleeding.

Natural Body Paint Recipe

Body paint recipe is simple and easy-to-make body paint or makeup, which can be formulated from an array of natural ingredients available in most kitchens.

Body paint recipe is great for those who are looking for a DIY approach to body painting. It’s also a fun activity that you can do with your kids, friends, or significant other.

As long as you have the ingredients readily available in your kitchen, making this body paint couldn’t be easier. Plus, it won’t take up too much of your time as well!

There are several recipes for making this kind of body paint, depending on your personal preference and the end result that you want to achieve.

Some people like using liquid food coloring while others prefer using natural ingredients like beetroot or turmeric powder. You can also add in other ingredients like glitter or confetti to make your body paint more fun and festive.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to what kind of design you can create with this body paint recipe. You can use it to create simple designs like hearts or stars, or you can go all out and create more elaborate masterpieces. If you’re feeling extra creative, you can even use this body paint recipe to write messages on your skin.

One of the best things about this body paint recipe is that it’s completely non-toxic and safe for your skin.

Unlike some commercial body paints which may contain harmful chemicals, this recipe only uses natural ingredients that are gentle on your skin. So, you don’t have to worry about any adverse reactions, even if you have sensitive skin.

Once you’ve decided on a design, the next step is to gather all of the necessary supplies. For this body paint recipe, you will need:

  • 1 cup of plain yogurt.
  • 1 tablespoon of honey.
  • 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder.
  • 1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice.
  • A few drops of liquid food coloring (optional).
  • Glitter or confetti (optional).

Start by mixing together the yogurt, honey, and turmeric powder in a bowl. If you want to add some color to your body paint, this is the time to add a few drops of liquid food coloring. Stir until all ingredients are well combined into a smooth paste.

Now it’s time to apply the body paint onto your skin. You can use either an actual brush or just your hands to do this.

Dip them into the mixture and then apply it over your skin as you desire. Feel free to be as creative as you want.

If you don’t like how it looks, simply wash it off with soap and water before trying again. Once you’re happy with the design, let it dry completely before wearing any clothes over top.

And there you have it, a quick and easy way to make your own body paint recipe at home. This natural and safe recipe is perfect for kids and adults alike.

So, next time you’re looking for a fun activity to do together, consider making your own body paint. You might be surprised at just how much fun you have.

Can Eye Shadow Be Used As Body Paint?

Yes, eye shadow can be used as body paint. In fact, it can be a great alternative to traditional body paints, as it is usually gentler on the skin and easier to remove. Plus, there are so many fun and creative ways that you can use eye shadow as body paint.

To get started, all you need is some eye shadow in the colors of your choice, along with a few other supplies like brushes or sponges.

Once you have your materials ready, simply apply the eye shadow to your skin in any design you like. Just make sure that you avoid any sensitive areas like the eyes or mouth.

If you want to remove your body paint later on, just use a makeup remover or oil to gently wipe it off. Alternatively, you can also use soap and water to wash your body paint away.

How To Make Body Paint With Eye Shadow

Body paint is a fun and creative way to express yourself through your clothing or skin. It can be used for everything from festivals, costumes, cosplay, and more.

And it doesn’t have to be expensive. One of the easiest and most accessible ways to make body paint is with eye shadow.

To make body paint with eye shadow, you will need:

  • Eye shadow in the colors of your choice (matte shades work best).
  • A mixing palette or bowl.
  • A makeup brush or sponge applicator (depending on application method).
  • Water (or other desired liquid) – either distilled water or alcohol like vodka or witch hazel works well for this application.


1. Begin by selecting the eye shadows you would like to use for your body paint. If you are unsure of what colors you want to use, start with a basic palette of three or four shades. Once you have your colors selected, it’s time to begin mixing them together.

2. Add a small amount of water (or other liquid) to your mixing bowl or palette, and then begin adding your eye shadow one shade at a time. Start with just a tiny bit of shadow, as you can always add more if needed.

3. Use your brush or sponge applicator to mix the shadow and liquid together until it forms a smooth paste. If the mixture is too thick, add a bit more liquid until it reaches the desired consistency.

4. Once your paint is mixed and ready to go, it’s time to start applying it to your skin. If you are using a brush, dip it into the mixture and then start painting in small strokes on the area of skin you would like to cover. For larger areas or a more even application, you can use a sponge instead.

5. Continue painting until you have achieved the desired coverage and design. Allow the paint to dry completely before putting on clothing or touching anything else (the paint will likely stain fabrics).

6. When you’re ready to remove the body paint, simply wash it off with soap and water. If you used water to mix your paint, you can use a small amount of baby oil or coconut oil to help break down the colors and make it easier to wash off.

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