How To Paint a Fiberglass Door [Step-by-Step]

fiberglass door

When you put your house up for sale, one of the first things that attract your possible buyers is the main entrance or the main door. It is one of the primary features of your entire property. However, if not maintained well, it may mar the whole look of your house.

The main door of your house has to face the wrath of Mother Nature. The changing climatic conditions can damage your main entrance easily. This primary factor encourages modern-day homeowners to opt for fiberglass doors. A fiberglass door is exceptionally durable and demands low maintenance. These doors are also energy efficient and provide adequate security to your property.

However, many people often wonder whether it is possible to paint a fiberglass door when they decide to remodel the exterior of their houses. Thankfully, it is very straightforward to paint a fiberglass door. You must choose the optimum paint quality and know the steps involved in painting such a door.

Steps Involved In Painting a Fiberglass Door

Here are the steps involved in painting a fiberglass door to enhance the beauty of your main entrance.

1.    Choose the Right Paint

When choosing the right paint quality for your fiberglass door, you may choose from polyester, epoxy resin, polyurethane, or polyester paint. Selecting the paint that matches the type of fiberglass fitted on your door is crucial.

There are five types of fiberglass: A-glass, AE-glass, C-glass, E-glass, and S-glass. Since each type of fiberglass has different attributes and behaves differently, choosing the right paint is necessary as your first step. These paints are either high-gloss, regular gloss, or low gloss.

2.    Get the Surroundings Ready

Before you start painting your fiberglass door, it is critical to prepare the surroundings. First, ensure that there is sufficient ventilation so that you do not inhale too much paint fumes. Wearing a mask will be a good solution. You should also wear additional protective gear, such as gloves and safety eyewear.

3.    Prepare the Door

The following step is preparing the door. Before starting this step, you must clear your fiberglass door of weather-stripping. Many homeowners opt for weather stripping to provide additional protection to their doors.

Once you remove the weather stripping, wipe the door thoroughly using soap and water. You may also use a mild vinegar-water solution if you find it necessary. It will also be a good idea to fill up any nail holes on the door with wood filler. Finally, use sandpaper to smoothen the door in some parts.

4.    Tape Out Sections of the Door

If you want a cleaner edge and do not want unnecessary paint drops or splashes on the doorknob, you need to tape out those areas of the door. Some people use 2” tape to cover the knob, door jamb, glass, and other parts. Using tape to cover essential sections of the door will also enable you to paint faster.

5.    Apply Some Primer

Before you apply primer to your fiberglass door, it is necessary to understand that primer applies only to old doors. If your fiberglass door is weathered and new, you need not apply primer before painting it. The reason behind using primer on old doors is that it makes painting simpler by smoothening the surface.

You may use the synthetic brush used by painters to apply primer along the edges of your fiberglass door. However, you must ensure that you do not apply too much primer. Also, avoid using a spray gun because that may lead to the wastage of primer if you do not know how to use the gun.

6.    Start Painting the Door

After applying primer to your fiberglass door, give it a few hours to dry. Next, start painting the door when you notice the primer has dried completely. However, apply a light and even coat of paint for the first time. If the paint is too thick, you might find drip marks on the floor. Let the first coat completely dry before proceeding with the second coat.

Applying too many coats too quickly might damage your paint job. At the same time, a maximum of two coats of paint will be sufficient. Applying too many coats might ruin the result and make your fiberglass door look ugly.

Why Do People Paint Their Fiberglass Doors?

People paint the interiors and exteriors of their houses. The reason behind it is to enhance the overall beauty and appearance of the property. However, you will find many people who wonder why some homeowners paint their fiberglass doors. There are several reasons behind it.

Prolong the Longevity

Painting your fiberglass door helps to prolong its longevity. The average longevity of a fiberglass door is around 70 years. If you can maintain it well, the longevity will automatically increase. This will ensure that you do not incur recurring expenses for changing or repairing your main door.

Enhance the Overall Look of Your Property

The appearance of your main door adds to the overall look of your house. If the door is ill-maintained and looks dilapidated, it will destroy the appearance of your home. Such a door will also create a negative image of your property in the mind of a would-be buyer. Thus, occasionally painting your fiberglass door is always a welcome idea.


Opting for a fiberglass door for your house is always a great idea. Apart from looking stylish and sophisticated, a fiberglass door lasts longer than other types. Thus, occasionally painting it helps to enhance its longevity. Furthermore, knowing how to paint your fiberglass door can help save your hard-earned money and time.

If you can do an excellent painting job, it can help the door to withstand the wrath of the elements for several more years. Not to mention that a well-painted door will improve the energy efficiency of your house. Thus, no more using the air conditioner for the whole day. As a result, your monthly electricity bills will reduce with time, and your house will feel more relaxed and pleasant.

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