How to Paint a Phone Case [Tips & Ideas]

How to Paint a Phone Case

Modern-day mobile phones can do things that were unimaginable a few decades ago. Thus, the price tags of smartphones are also costlier than before. This fact proves why many people do not prefer to change their expensive mobile phones so often. However, many accessories available in the market can protect your handheld device from getting damaged seriously in various ways. One of them is a mobile phone case.

Mobile phone cases are available in different designs and with various features. Many phone users can’t change their cases frequently. However, the best alternative to keep your phone case looking new forever is to paint it. Many users debate whether it is wise to paint their phone cases. If you can use suitable materials, there is no harm in painting your old case and turning it new.

What Paint Should I Use On the Phone Case?

Are you looking for paint that will last for a long time on your phone case? If the answer is “yes,” you will need oil-based paint to color your old phone case. Latex and oil-based paints are incredibly durable and can be used on different surfaces, including metal and plastic. However, it may be challenging to work with these paints compared to water-based paints.

What Materials Do You Need To Paint A Phone Case?

Painting an old phone case needs skills and patience. First, you should have a clear idea of how to go ahead with the painting job. Although different types of the paint job will require different materials, the common ones are:

  • A neutral-colored or clear plastic smartphone case.
  • Rubbing alcohol.
  • Primer.
  • Acrylic or puffy paint.
  • Painting brushes.
  • Paper.
  • 3 different nail polish colors.
  • Watercolor.
  • Clear topcoat enamel.

Phone Case Paint Ideas

There are different types of paint ideas that you can use to paint your old phone case. For example, some users prefer to paint their cases with abstract geometric shapes, whereas others like to have their favorite Marvel Comics characters at the back of their phone cases. Below is some phone case paint ideas that you may like.

1.   Galaxy Design

As the name suggests, you can design your old phone case to look like a galaxy with different planets and stars scattered across the surface. You may also include a couple of aliens to make it look more attractive.

2.   Marvel Comic Character

If you are a Marvel Comic character fan, you can paint the same on the surface. So whether you like Batman, Spiderman, or The Incredible Hulk, you can paint your favorite superhero on your phone case and show it to your friends.

3.   Your Favorite Food

Many smartphone users also paint their favorite food items on their phone cases. For instance, if you like to eat hotdogs or a Belgian waffle, you can paint it on the phone case. This will also let others know about your favorite food item.

4.   Images of Nature

Are you a nature lover? If you are, you can paint flowers, trees, or something similar on your phone case. You can add bright and beautiful colors to make the image more attractive and lively.

How to Paint a Phone Case Step-By-Step

Most of you think painting your old phone case is an uphill task. On the contrary, the process is straightforward if you have all the necessary materials and a clear idea of what to paint.

  • Use a clean piece of cloth and rubbing alcohol to clean the case. The rubbing alcohol removes surface dirt and lets your paint stick to the phone case.
  • After the rubbing alcohol dries off, apply the primer with the help of a paintbrush. The primary duty of the primer is to let the paint pop.
  • You may start with your creativity after the primer dries completely. Choose the colors according to the image you have in mind. If you are not too good with creativity, select an image from the internet for inspiration.
  • Once you are done with the painting, let the colors dry completely. This process may sometimes take several hours.
  • Apply a clear topcoat enamel when you notice the color has appropriately dried. This will safeguard the paint from wear and tear.

Helpful Tips for Painting Your Phone Case

If you are a first-timer at painting your phone case, it will not hurt to find a few helpful tips to help you achieve great results.

  • Try and avoid using your painting skills on a silicone mobile phone case. The reason is paint fails to bond well with silicone. Instead, you may opt for plastic cases.
  • Are you unable to get a plastic phone case and wish to continue with your silicone case? Use sandpaper and rub it gently on the phone case. Doing so will make the surface less slippery and allow the paint to bond well with the phone case.
  • Before applying the clear topcoat, ensure the paint is completely dry. If necessary, leave it to dry overnight. Doing so will ensure that the color lasts longer and does not peel off easily.
  • It would help if you used a paint primer to make the colors last longer and more vivid. If you lack paint primer, you can paint inside a phone case so it can last and stay protected.


You will find many customized phone cases in the market. However, if you can use your imagination and creativity to customize your phone case as per your needs, there can be nothing more relaxing and fun. Different people are comfortable with varying techniques of painting. Whatever your preference, spend some time on phone case painting daily. It will help you relax and recharge.

You can seek guidance and inspiration online even if you need more creativity. You will find several images that you can paint on your phone case. Like everything else, the first few attempts may differ from your liking. However, if you practice, you will excel at making attractive paintings on your phone case. It will also give you the confidence to try more challenging images.

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