Top 11 Funny Painted Traffic Cones

Painted Traffic Cones

Any artistic expression should not go unappreciated, and art takes a lot of creativity and passion. A lot of people do graffiti, some do pottery art, and others just choose plain old canvases. However, every artist does what he does with a great deal of hard work. So in this article, we will explore different yet funny ideas that people have come up with to paint traffic cones differently and make them unique. 

1. Two Angry Cones

One sure way to make cones look funny and different is to do cone art on them. In this one, there is one bright blue-faced monster with its teeth out in anger while the smaller ones beside it kind of sweat as it looks terrified. These different cones can end up looking really cute and fun. 

2. Spongebob 

Here we have our very own favorite sea cartoon, spongebob squarepants. The idea of painting the funniest of cartoons on something as serious as a traffic cone is hilarious and creative. In the picture, you can see his usual clueless dorky little expression, which can result in a great laugh at first glance. 

3. Patrick 

Just to bank off the first one, here is Spongebob’s best friend, Patrick, also painted on a traffic cone. As clueless as SpongeBob looked, Patrick seemed just as happy to be there, which is true to his character. Patrick usually lives under a rock, but this traffic cone should be spread around for everyone to see. The detailing done on this one is very well-polished. 

4. Squidward 

To complete the favorite cartoon trilogy, we even have Squidward featured on a cone art here. He and his character are also depicted here perfectly, which is what makes it funny. This cartoon definitely seems to be a hit with the traffic cone art community. Squidward’s annoyed expression is captured perfectly, along with his elongated nose. This art is extremely detailed and spot on with its craftmanship. 

5. Hit And Run 

The idea of giving a traffic cone its own character and giving it an expression is also extremely creative. In this picture, the cone looks right off a cartoon with the amount of perfect art used in it. Also, since the cone is bent out of shape, the character also looks like it has been run over which makes it funny. The water droplets and droopy eyes especially become a highlight for this particular one.

6. Garfield Hates Mondays 

Traffic cones are always neon orange, so the artist definitely used that as an advantage to do their art. They have used the famous cartoon Garfield to star on their cone, which makes it funny because Garfield is always shown to be grumpy. It also blends in perfectly with the color of the cone. The orange of a traffic cone and the one on Garfield is so similar that the piece becomes perfect.

7. Free Ad

This particular cone seems to be an attempt to advertise Mcdonald’s. The simple thought of anyone wanting to advertise a company on a traffic cone is kind of ridiculous, but hey, we can’t deny there was a level of creative thought behind it. However, the Mcdonald’s logo on the cone doesn’t seem too out of place. The two things surprisingly go well together, and we wonder why more brands don’t do this.

8. The Sorting Hat

This has to be our favorite as we are potterheads, and everything related to harry potter is more than welcome. This particular cone in the picture looks like it got bent and ended up looking like the sorting head from harry potter. To those who know, this is an uncanny resemblance between this cone and the hat from harry potter. 

9. Dorky Chicken

This traffic cone is looking like the dorkiest chicken ever. It doesn’t seem to e any famous cartoon character, so it is just a random funny cartoon chicken on it. Due to this being such a strange one, it is actually still funny because there is no clear reference to it. There it is, just a traffic cone painted like a stupid-looking chicken

10. Cow Goes Moo 

This has to be one of the stranger options as well. A cow print on a traffic cone is the most unnecessary thing but props to whoever came with it. There has to be a level of random creativity behind an idea like this but listen, we are not ones to judge. You go ahead and paint cheetah prints on these cones as well, might as well make it a pattern.

11. Smurf Turf

Since we have included every other cartoon character, why not throw a traffic cone made like a Smurf in the mix? Although jokes aside, these ideas are actually very creative for kids and can be a fun activity for them. Kids spotting their favorite cartoons on traffic cones will increase their imagination and creativity. Along with the fact that many people encourage their kids to get into painting and crafts from early on, painting traffic cones is also very popular. 


Sure, we have dismissed these paintings as funny on the surface, but we also want to acknowledge that this is a difficult craft to perfect. Artists are gifted naturally, and the way they express themselves can be unique and beautiful to witness. These cartoons and funny cones look like a great way to entertain children and even get them interested in art. Not just children, a lot of people can even decorate their edgy bedrooms with an interesting-looking traffic cone as a piece of art just casually kept on the floor. 

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