Spiderman Face Paint Step-by-Step Tutorial

spiderman face paint

Spiderman remains one of the most iconic superheroes around the world and for good reason. Apart from being able to save the world and shoot some spiderwebs, Spidey is undoubtedly a do-gooder through and through. 

What makes Spider-Man one of the most relatable superheroes today is that his alter ego, Peter Parker, is just like any other person out there – dealing with real-life problems, getting picked on, but uber-smart and nerdy. Plus, Spider-Man just wants kids and people out there to be good in every sense of the word. 

Given these, it’s easy to see why many people see Spider-Man as a superhero for all ages, being a positive influence even for youngsters. With the rise of Spider-Man’s popularity over the years and with lasting comics and films, your little ones might be eager to channel his look and transform into the hero of their dreams. 

This article will walk you through creating a Spider-Man face paint look and some designs you can do with ease. These are perfect for beginners who want to keep things simple. Check these out. 

Different Spiderman Face Paint Designs

There are tons of Spiderman-inspired designs you can do depending on your creativity and ability. Of course, one of the classic choices you can come across is the Full-Face Spiderman. This recreates the timeless look of the superhero in its full glory. 

Those who want a simpler and toned-down version of a Spider-Man design could very well go with a Spider-Man Mask. Perfect for younger children, this only covers the upper half of the face while still retaining the essential aspects that make it a truly distinguished Spider-Man face painting, including cobwebs and the classic red hue. 

The most minimalist Spider-Man face painting is called the Mini Spider-Man and that’s because it only covers a small part of the face. This is best for kids who want to have the essence of the hero with them but don’t want the traditional look. 

What is the Easiest Spiderman Face Paint?

The easiest Spider-Man face painting to do is perhaps the Spider-Man Mask. After all, there are various iterations you can do and kids will still love these all the same. Plus, this particular undertaking won’t take a long time, perfect for kids who can’t really stay still. 

Since this only requires you to paint the upper half portion of the face, you can focus on fine-tuning the details of the spiderwebs instead. As opposed to making a Full-Face Spider-Man face painting which can take quite some time, this is the closest thing that gives you the best of both worlds. 

While you might think that the Mini Spider-Man design is the easiest, this actually requires creating a spider design that crawls down into the face from the webs, something which would need just a bit more time and color to bring to life. 

What Do You Need to Use for a Spider-Man Face Paint?

There are a few things you’ll need to make a Spiderman face painting creation come to life. These include the following:

  • High-density sponges
  • Paintbrushes such as a Filbert brush or a round brush
  • Face paints, preferably in bright red, black, and white
  • A Spider-Man costume or mask for reference

We have kept things simple to make it easier for you to find products that are available to you. Some of the brands you might want to look into include Wolfe face paints, Kryvaline, Diamond FX, Mehron, PartyXplosion, and the like. 

What Paint Should You Use for Spider-Man Face Paint?

There are different types of body paints available across the market. Although these are more accessible compared to traditional face painting kits and paints, you should definitely avoid these. Most acrylic paints are not safe for contact on human skin, even non-toxic ones, especially when you use them on the face. 

With this in mind, it’s highly advisable that you stick with dedicated face or body painting kits and paints. These are usually made with water-based paints, making them more suitable for the sensitive parts of the skin. 

Plus, these types of face paints are designed to wash off right away. 

If you don’t have these, you can also turn to greased-based face paints. These types of paints are mostly used in theater performances and are built to be pigmented so that they can last even under harsh lights. These are also made to stay on the face for quite a long time. 

Another alternative you might want to consider using is a professional make-up cream or cream-based face paint. Normally found in tubes, you can easily use as little or as many as you need. Since this is cream-based, this might take some time before it completely dries up. 

Wax-based paints are some of the most popular ones out there and for good reason. Made using paraffin wax with a petroleum base, this is mostly preferred by professionals since this can dry quickly while helping face painters add the details they need in a precise manner. These tend to come in a solid base but can be “activated” by brushing on the pot vigorously. 


To prepare your face or your child’s face for face painting, start by cleaning your face. This will give you a nice, fresh base to work on and will help the face paint adhere better. Make sure that your face is thoroughly dry prior to starting, so skip the cream or moisturizer for now. 

Instead of a moisturizer, you might want to prime your base or face instead. These will smooth out dry patches while serving as a great canvas that stays put all throughout the face painting session. 

How to do a Spiderman Facepaint Step by Step

  1. Start by preparing all of the materials you’ll be using. 
  1. Using a thin paintbrush, dip this onto some white paint and outline the area around the eyes. Fill this in with white paint. Go over this with another layer of white paint if you or your child has dark eyebrows using a sponge. 
  1. Wet the sponge and dip this onto the red face paint. Start spreading the red hue on the whole of the forehead just until between the bridge of the nose or in between the eyes and until the tops of the cheekbones for a Spiderman mask approach. However, if you’re doing a full-face Spiderman face paint, feel free to paint the whole face and neck red. 
  1. Outline the white area around the eyes using black paint, carefully rounding out the corners for more emphasis.
  1. Using the brush again, paint web-like details over the face with the help of the black paint. Make sure to use a thin paintbrush to create the spiderweb details. Start by creating a line down the forehead and two lines on either side of it. Link these using scalloped movements or by painting small u’s to connect these lines. Do the same for the rest of the face.
  1. Paint a small spider in the middle of the bridge of the nose for those of you who are creating a mask. 

How Long Does it Take to Make a Spiderman Face Paint?

Depending on the design you choose, you can do a Spiderman face paint in just under 10 minutes. Beginners who take on the minimalist design can do it in just 2 to 3 minutes. However, given that you have to prepare, set aside a good five minutes for face painting. 


Spiderman will never go out of style. Channel your love for this character with these face painting tips and tricks and you’re sure to bring this character to life. 

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