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uv body paint

UV body paint has become increasingly popular, especially at parties, and celebrations all around the world. The ultraviolet paint is a way to make you glow in the dark, wherever you are.

In this guide, we will go over the main questions and types of UV body paint.

What is UV body paint?

UV body paint is a type of body paint using ultraviolet light that makes you shine in the dark. With bright and vivid colors, it has become very common to use ultraviolet body paint at parties. 

When under black lights, your skin will appear to glow and any other colors that are painted on you with UV paint will appear normal. 

Most UV body paints are invisible in normal light but glow brightly when exposed to a UV light source. 

The colors are created by using specific types of fluorescent powders and paints, which turn white under normal light but once exposed to UV light, they burst with bright colors. 

The most common fluorescence colors for body painting are green, yellow, and blue because these are the brightest and strongest colors under UV lighting.

Other colors such as orange and red can be created by mixing the three main shades or by using black light reactive eye-shadow powder. These are usually available in a variety of neon colors. You can create colors like pink with pink-toned eye shadows or face paint. 

Can you use UV body paint on the face and body?

UV body painters can create small paintings in certain areas of the skin, or they can be used for full-body paint designs.

  • You could have a tiny painting, like a symbol or special line on your back, in the palm of your hands, or under your eyes.
  • The artist can paint the whole body by applying beautiful patterns and shapes.

Can you use UV body paint on clothes?

Another interesting way to make your clothes pop out is to paint them with ultraviolet body paint. This can be a great way of adding some details and you can make a boring white t-shirt stand out at a night party. However, you should be aware that not all UV body paints are totally washable, and some might leave stains.

Two girls with UV body paint

What is UV body paint used for?

UV body paint is used to create a temporary design on the skin. It is applied with a brush or sponge, and then it is activated with UV light. This type of paint is usually used for parties, special events, raves, and clubs. 

It makes easily stand out from the crowd, with bright and lively colors that can make you the focus of the party.

UV body paint can also be used to create optical illusions. Since it can be seen in blacklight and glows a bright color, it can be used in full-body paint designs to highlight certain areas.

Is UV body paint safe?

Yes, most UV body paints are safe to use on the skin. They are mostly water-based or water-activated and are non-toxic. Most of them are also very easy to remove which makes them extremely safe to wear for a few hours.

Here is what you need to know about UV body paint:

  • It’s safe for your skin
  • It is only temporary
  • Easy to remove
  • Most UV body paints don’t leave stains on clothes

How do you make UV body paint?

It’s very easy to make an ultraviolet body or face paint. Just follow these simple steps:

  1.  Find a basic washable white body paint 

When looking for paint, make sure that you find a basic washable white body or face paint. The paint should be labeled as non-toxic and easy to clean up and remove. 

This is very important when considering what kind of body paint to use on your skin since the last thing you want is to have a really hard time washing it off. 

You also don’t want any adverse effects on you, so make sure you use paint specifically for skin that is non-toxic. 

Do not use permanent paints either as they might completely stain your skin, and they are very difficult to remove. Avoid using acrylic paint on your skin.

Finally, do not use any paints without labels or with labels that say “do not use on skin”.

  1.  Add glow in the dark pigment

There are different pigments you can buy depending on the color you want. Just make sure the ones you buy are safe to use on the skin and do not buy anything that is toxic for the skin.

The glow pigment comes in dust form, and it needs to be blended with the base body paint that you have chosen. You need to mix them both thoroughly until it has a good consistency.

  1. Stir the paint until it’s well mixed.

Now that all the ingredients are combined, you’ll need to stir them until the paint is thoroughly mixed. Although you can use a spoon to do this, it is recommended to use a stick blender—this will help ensure that there are no clumps of powder left in the paint. 

Add a small amount of water and keep blending (or stirring) until the paint is evenly spread out. You can test your paint by placing it on a surface and seeing if it glows under black light. 

If you want your paint to be thinner or thicker, simply add more water (if needed) or mess around with the amount of fluorescent pigment used. When done correctly, this recipe should cause body paint with a consistency similar to normal craft or acrylic paints.

  1. Add more water

Add a little water to make the consistency right, and you’re ready to go! When you’ve perfected your mixture, it’s time to apply it.

How long does UV body paint last?

UV body paint will usually last a few hours, however, it depends on the type of body paint you use. Most UV body paint is water-based or water-activated and it lasts about anywhere from 2 to 8 hours.

What body paint colors glow under UV light?

To get some idea of how these UV paints work, it’s best to look at how they absorb light. It’s no secret that white, yellow, pink, orange, green, and blue all glow under UV light. 

Throwing a black light party is a great way to show off your body paint and make sure the colors pop. 

How much does UV paint cost?

As far as the cost of UV paint is concerned, it depends on several factors. Note that the quality and quantity of paint you choose to purchase will affect the price, as well as your decision to buy from a particular brand. 

For most UV body paint kits, which include at least one of each color the price range is between $12 and $17.

How do you use UV face paint?

  1. Use a brush or sponge to dip into the paint
  2. Apply the paint to your face
  3. Let the paint dry on your face
  4. Wash the paint off with soap and water

How does UV body paint work?

The glow of neon body paint is initiated by UV light. The body paint is made by combining a black light-reactive pigment with a dark-colored, opaque base. 

Pigments used in the production of neon body paint are made from glass particles coated in metal salts. In their normal state, these pigments are black and appear invisible to the naked eye. 

However, when exposed to ultraviolet light, they become illuminated and visible. 

Dark bases—such as dark blue or black—are commonly used because they provide a dark canvas for the pigment to show up on.

What’s the best UV body paint?

There’s a lot of confusion when it comes to selecting the best body paint for ultraviolet and blacklight body paint. Many people don’t know what type of UV body paint is the best, looks the sexiest, or lasts the longest. Let’s have a look at what the best UV body paints are on the market.

Here are some of the best UV body paints:

  • Neon Nights 8X UV Body paint
  • Midnight Glo UV Body and Face paint
  • Premium Phosphorescent 8X Glowing Neon Paint
  • Aurora Bright Green Glow in the Dark Paint

How to remove UV body paint from your face or body?

Removing the UV paint from your face is easy. Simply use a baby wipe or cotton ball soaked in makeup remover, and stroke over the affected area. 

If you don’t have wipes or makeup remover on hand, it should also come off with soap and water, though this may be rougher on your skin.

To remove face paint from hair, spray the affected area with a light coating of shampoo. After you’ve done that, rub it into your scalp. 

Once the paint has loosened enough to scrape off your head, use a comb to remove any excess residue. 

You can repeat these steps until all the paint is gone. This process should also work for removing body paint (or any other type of face/body art) from any other part of your body!

How to remove UV body paint from clothes?

To remove UV face paint from clothes: First, wash your item normally (in cold water). After that’s done, fill up a sink halfway with warm water and add one cup of white vinegar; let it soak for 30 minutes before rinsing out again.

This should remove all of the body paint stains in your clothes, and you can also use the same process to remove other body paint stains.

Is neon paint the same as UV paint?

Neon paint is a type of water-based body paint that’s much brighter than other types of paint in regular light. When exposed to black light (UV light), it glows even more brightly and may appear to be a different color entirely. 

While this makes it an excellent choice for glowing artwork, neon paints are not as bright under black light as UV paints and can’t be used outdoors.

UV body paint is another type of water-based paint that’s intended specifically for outdoor use. It won’t glow under regular light at all, but when exposed to ultraviolet light, it will shine brighter than neon paints that aren’t exposed to UV light—and some colors of UV paints will glow more brightly than others.

Why UV body paints are so popular?

For starters, UV face paint can be used as a highlighter in your makeup routine. If the rest of your face is done in natural colors, the UV glow factor can make you look like a stunning work of art! 

We’ve all seen those photos of people who get glitter bombed at raves or music festivals. Well, imagine what it looks like when you’re covered in UV face paint. 

It’s just as beautiful but more discreet than traditional glittering body paint (which often leaves a ton of mess behind). It will also last longer throughout the day and night compared to regular cream-based paint that might wear off quickly. 

Plus, you’ll look even more fabulous in photos under black light conditions: if your party has an LED dance floor or DJ booth, then take some selfies there so everyone can see how gorgeous they are after applying this product to their faces!

For parties where there isn’t much lighting on-site during performances or festivals. We recommend using it to highlight features such as cheeks and lips instead of covering yourself entirely from head to toe. 

It’ll save time when getting ready for events like these too because all that needs doing is applying one layer without having to do multiple layers first before adding another shade later on.

Finally, this UV face paint is all about lasting through the biggest party of the year. At a festival, the last thing you want to think about is how much your makeup will last through it all. This paint is waterproof, sweat-proof, and smudge-proof so you can glow for good!


UV body paints are extremely popular and will continue to be so. They are a fun and exciting way of showcasing art at music festivals, or at any night party.

They are also very affordable, and can be used in combination with other body paints to really highlight certain parts of the body. It is also a fun and creative way to express yourself.

Whether you are going to a party or just out for the night, body paint can help you stand out from the crowd.

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