What Color Paint Goes With A Gray Roof?

What Color Paint Goes With A Gray Roof

Occasional painting of the exterior of your house is necessary. It helps to improve the quality of the external walls and enhances your property’s overall appearance. When you opt for an external color scheme, the roof color plays a significant role in helping you decide. It is also crucial to factor in those sections of your house that seldom get painted. These include the stonework, rooftop, and brick.

When it comes to the roof of a house, gray is a prevalent color for homes. Whether your house has roof tiles or asphalt shingles, people use shades of gray to paint their roofs. However, it would help if you remembered that not all types of colors would go with a gray-colored rooftop.

Paint Colors That Work Best With Gray Roofs

People use different shades of gray to color their roofs. Some opt for a light gray rooftop, and some prefer a charcoal-colored roof. However, it would be better to remember that different colors go with various shades of gray.

Light Gray-Colored Roof

If you have a light gray-colored roof, you need to create a color contrast, and the off-white shades will prove helpful in such matters.


Painting the external walls of your house with white will create a natural contrast that will attract the attention of any passerby. As a result, your home will appear more attractive and refined.

Charcoal Gray-Colored Roof

Regarding charcoal gray rooftops, light, and bright colors work well with the color.


Green is perfect for the exterior wall if you have a charcoal gray rooftop. This shade of gray makes green colder, thus, creating a unique and exciting solution for the external walls. Turquoise, olive, herbal, emerald, and mint work best with charcoal gray.


The color combination will appear silver lightning if you have a blue exterior with a charcoal gray-colored rooftop. This combination would add value to your property and design. Some of the shades of blue that go best with charcoal gray are Prussian blue, cobalt, sea green, sapphire, and royal blue.


A popular exterior wall color option for homeowners with charcoal gray roofs is pink. If you can use an appropriate shade of pink with the charcoal gray roof, it will give a seasoned and less formal appearance to your house.

Brick Tones

Homeowners, who have their rooftops colored in a darker shade of gray, may opt for the natural colors of bricks for their exterior walls. These would include rich shades of orange, specific elements of buff, and various shades of red (bright to burgundy).


Yellow is another excellent color option for your exterior walls if your roof has a dark shade of gray. The color combination of yellow and dark gray will make your house appear bright and traditional. On the contrary, you should choose a more brilliant yellow to give your home a more edgy look.

Colors To Avoid With a Gray Roof

If specific colors go with a gray roof, there are also colors that you should avoid if you have a gray-colored roof. Some of these colors to avoid include brown and beige. Using these colors with your gray rooftop may make your house appear more washed out. The idea is to create a contrast to make your property appear stylish and bright.

Tips for Choosing the Right Color for Your House Exterior

If you are thinking about remodeling your house, choosing the right color palette is the most crucial decision you need to take. The color combinations you choose for your property should be adequate to make it look stylish and attractive. If you do not take your time in selecting a suitable color combination for your house, it might appear washed out or old even after spending a significant sum on its remodeling. Here are some pointers to help you choose the right color combination.

  • When it is time for you to choose the right color palette for your house’s exterior, you need to understand that different shades have different sunlight absorption levels. For instance, light shades tend to reflect light and keep the interior of a house cool and pleasant. On the contrary, darker shades absorb light and heat, making the interior hot and humid.
  • Some colors fade away quickly with time. Suppose you opt for a bright, vivid color option; these are prone to fading. However, darker shades can retain their color properties longer, making your house appear new for a long time.
  • Besides the overall properties of different color shades, choosing a color with a visual appeal is also important. Lighter shades can make your property appear enlarged. Thus, you will find classical architecture colored with white coupled with cream shades or light beige.
  • If your house has a simple design and is not filled with extraordinary architectural designs, you may opt for darker shades. These colors can emphasize simple structures.

Why Should You Paint The Exterior Of Your House?

There are several reasons to paint your house’s exterior more often than the interior.

  • Damage Repair

Since the exterior walls are constantly subjected to changing weather conditions, these tend to form cracks quickly. If you ignore small cracks, these can grow with time and become a big headache. Thus, timely painting of the external walls can repair damages.

  • Increase the Value

Occasional painting of the external walls of your house will boost the property value in the market. This will fetch you a reasonable price when you decide to sell the house.


Always pay attention to the surrounding landscape when choosing the right color combination for your house. For instance, too many trees and bushes will prompt you to choose brown and green shades for your house’s exterior. On the other hand, if your home is in a residential location, opting for bright colors will be a great idea. It is also true that the colors you choose for your house sometimes convey your inner aspirations and essence. Therefore, whatever color you choose, always take your time and choose the right color palette.

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