Where To Buy Cheap Canvases? 15 Best Places

Where To Buy Cheap Canvases

Every amateur or seasoned artist knows the joy of starting with a blank canvas. But canvases can sometimes burn a hole in one’s pocket. The good news? Affordable quality canvases are within reach if you know where to look. Here is our guide to discovering the top 15 places to get your canvases without emptying your wallet.

1. Local Art Supply Stores

Local shops are the heartbeat of every art community. Their proximity provides instant access to a varied array of canvases that reflect the preferences of regional artists. These establishments often have knowledgeable staff who can offer insights into canvas materials and brands. Additionally, shopping locally supports the community and often results in benefits like loyalty schemes, workshops, and seasonal discounts.

2. Big-Box Retailers

Their art sections are surprising reservoirs of affordability and convenience. Stocking up on multi-pack canvases from these stores can be cost-effective, particularly for artists working on a series or teaching classes. As these chains have multiple branches, exchanging or returning items is easier if needed. Keep an eye out for back-to-school sales or holiday deals for extra savings.

3. Amazon

Where To Buy Cheap Canvases

Amazon is the modern marketplace titan, curating a vast selection from sellers worldwide. What’s advantageous about Amazon is the user review system. Artists can choose canvases based on price and the experiences and recommendations of fellow buyers. With a Prime membership, you can also avail yourself of quick deliveries and exclusive discounts. Amazon’s frequent sales during occasions like Black Friday, Prime Day, and festive seasons present a ripe opportunity for bulk purchases.

4. Michaels and Hobby Lobby

These stores are temples for art and craft enthusiasts. With dedicated sections for canvases, you can find a range from basic cotton ones for practice to primed linen for final works. Regular shoppers benefit from their membership cards, which offer significant savings. These stores also frequently release coupons and have weekend deals, allowing artists to buy quality canvases without a hefty price tag.

5. Online Art Supply Retailers

Dedicated online art suppliers like Blick Art Materials or Jerry’s Artarama are the go-to for many professional artists. Their advantage lies in specialization. They house brands specifically designed for artists, from beginners to pros. These platforms often provide detailed product descriptions, helping you choose based on material, weave tightness, priming, and brand reputation. Their regular promotions and loyalty programs are great for recurrently buying supplies. 

6. Bulk Purchase Websites

Platforms like Alibaba or DHgate are designed for bulk purchases, offering products directly from manufacturers or wholesalers. This route can drastically reduce costs per canvas, especially for artists preparing for big shows or running art classes. While the per-item cost is lower, it’s crucial to factor in potential shipping fees, customs duties, and longer delivery times. Requesting samples before a substantial order is also advisable to ensure the quality matches your expectations.

7. Local Art Schools

Where To Buy Cheap Canvases

Art schools, beyond being educational hubs, are resource centers. They often organize sales or clearance events, especially at the end of terms, selling excess stock at discounted prices. Some institutions even have their stores on campus, which, while primarily for students, may offer discounts to alums or local artists upon request. Joining art school newsletters can also update you on upcoming sales and exhibitions.

8. DIY: Make Your Canvas

Crafting your canvas is a gratifying experience. It grants the artist complete control over size, tightness, and texture. By choosing quality canvas cloth and pairing it with wooden frames, artists can determine the exact dimensions suited to their project. This DIY approach can be more cost-effective in the long run and offers the added satisfaction of creating art on a canvas you’ve personally crafted. Workshops or online tutorials can be a great starting point for those unfamiliar.

9. Thrift Stores & Yard Sales

Venturing into thrift stores or wandering through neighborhood yard sales can unearth hidden gems. It’s a sustainable choice that reduces waste while being light on the pocket. Artists can breathe new life into these canvases, adding layers of history to their artwork. Regular visits or befriending thrift store owners can also give you a heads-up on fresh arrivals.

10. Art Fairs & Community Markets

Local events like art fairs or community markets pulse with creativity. Beyond finished artworks, some artists or suppliers offer canvases and other art supplies at discounted rates. Such events foster community, allowing budding artists to connect, share tips, and unearth local spots for affordable canvases. Engaging with fellow artists can also yield information about wholesalers or upcoming sales, making these events a nexus of knowledge.

11. Etsy

Where To Buy Cheap Canvases

Etsy, a haven for handmade items, brims with unique offerings. Hand-stretched canvases, crafted with care, or even pre-painted canvases awaiting transformation can be found here. Some sellers even offer vintage or reclaimed canvases, rich with character. When purchasing on Etsy, you’re not just acquiring a product but supporting independent artists and small businesses. Regular browsing or setting up alerts can notify you about discounts or special deals.

12. Warehouse Stores

Warehouse giants like Costco and Sam’s Club cater to a vast audience. Amidst their expansive inventory, the art section often hides unbeatable bargains. Buying canvases from here, especially during peak sale seasons like back-to-school, can be incredibly economical. Plus, given their reputation for quality assurance, artists can rest easy knowing they’re investing in reliable supplies. Keeping tabs on their seasonal catalogs or joining member newsletters for timely information is advisable.

13. Social Media Marketplace

Platforms like Facebook Marketplace have transformed local buying and selling. Browsing these platforms can uncover artists or hobbyists selling unused or lightly-used canvases nearby. A significant advantage is the ability to inspect the canvas in person before finalizing the purchase. These platforms also allow for price negotiation, ensuring you get the best bang for your buck. Setting up location-based alerts can keep you updated on new listings.

14. Art Guilds & Clubs

Membership in local art guilds or clubs often comes with myriad benefits. Apart from engaging in workshops and exhibitions, these communities sometimes orchestrate group buys, leading to substantial savings. The collective purchasing power can fetch hefty discounts from suppliers. Moreover, senior members often offload excess supplies at a lower rate. Engaging in these communities can also lead to collaborations, shared studio spaces, or collective exhibitions.

15. Recycling or Upcycling Centers

In the age of sustainability, recycling or upcycling centers present a green alternative. Discarded canvases from closed-down art schools or studios can be sourced here. These canvases regain their former glory with a little effort, like cleaning or re-stretching. Choosing this route conserves resources and introduces a backstory to each artwork, making each piece a conversation starter.


There’s a world of possibilities when it comes to buying canvases. From local stores to online giants, the perfect canvas for your next masterpiece is out there, waiting to be discovered. This guide is your roadmap to finding that canvas without straining your finances.

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