7 Incredible Reasons Why Men Paint Their Nails Black

Why Men Paint Their Nails Black

In today’s day and age, fashion is being prioritized by men and women equally. The simple drive that only women used to have about taking good care of themselves physically and looking good has seeped toward men as well. The change is new and odd to some, but it is progress nonetheless.

Fashion is the best way to express yourself with your appearance and is being practiced by men a lot more now. The reason behind this sudden shift is the need to make every experience inclusive, diverse, and one which helps everyone express themselves fully. Thanks to societal norms being put behind and the need to evolve growing exponentially, everyone is looking to find a style that best suits them.

Among a plethora of fashion trends coming in, men painting their nails, in general, is one of them. That is kind of new but has been done for a few years, so people have gotten used to it. However, men choosing black as their shade constantly is the question that intrigues all. This choice leads to many questions and curiosities because several reasons could be at play. 

So in this article, we will be exploring the different reasons why men decide to paint their nails black specifically.

Top 7 Reasons Why Men Choose To Paint Their Nails Black

1. Breaking Gender Norms and Stereotypes

Gender norms have stuck with us forever, and only recently have they been pointed out prominently enough to work through them. They have caused a massive rigidness within both genders to only adhere to stereotypical women’s or men’s traits. So gender norms are overall very toxic and were meant to be broken. We should be lucky that our generation is experiencing this showdown in real time.

Men breaking through traditional stereotypes and choosing to paint nails is a massive yet small leap to break some hefty gender norms. Gender roles are assigned at birth and practically only women should dress up, paint their nails, and wear makeup. However, men transitioning into gender fluidity by expressing their freedom and wearing some nail polish is a massive reason for doing it. Everyone loves being a rebel to society, so men choosing to paint nails is also a baby step towards being true to themselves rather than society.

2. Self-Expression

Sure, painting nails is self-expression, but choosing your favorite color and wearing that adds another layer. Just because some men choose to wear black does not mean they have feminine traits or are “girly.” So the choice of black, in particular, brings a masculine appeal of being mysterious and elegant. 

People can get the hint that a man is comfortable with his sexuality, but wearing black adds a level of sexiness and just the right amount of tang. A lot of men are dominant and hardcore which is why they might associate more with the color black than with any other color. 

3. Aesthetic Appeal

Black, in general, exudes confidence and a sense of aesthetic to anyone wearing it in any form of clothing even. It goes the same for when a man decides on black being their nail polish because it adds a bold element to it as well as the fact that the color black can pretty much go with any clothing. 

People usually have to change their nail color according to the color outfit they are wearing, so just keeping black on helps reduce the fuss. For a man to approach fashion in a minimalist way, opting for the dark color is the usual go-to move. Every guy wants to come across as edgy and mysterious, so it brings an overall personality together to simply just put on black.

4. Embracing Subcultures

Way before men openly and commonly started wearing black nail polish, it had a history of its own. Wearing black was part of a sub-culture, including goth, punk, and other music-related fandoms. They would decide to wear black as their clothing, makeup, shoes, and of course, nail polish by considering it their identity. 

They associated the color with darkness, so that was when guys in those subcultures started the trend of wearing black nail polish with the girls. They would find it easier to spot another goth when they would see a person wearing black from head to toe. It was considered as wearing a flag proudly, which represented them and their personalities pretty well. 

5. Confidence Boost

Any person enjoying and accepting their individuality while expressing it can get a boost of confidence. The self-esteem raise can also lead to them being more happy and more comfortable in their skin. Perhaps, by having black nails, men also feel empowered and proud to openly represent their likes without being judged. The satisfaction of challenging societal norms is also the cherry on top in that scenario. 

6. Artistic Expression

A lot of people tend to be artists at heart. They tend to choose their field of study and expression in arts, or it could just be a beloved hobby. Nail painting itself is an art form when you look at nail salons and how much care you have to keep of them if you want to maintain them a certain way. A black nail can be a canvas for creativity; a lot of men do other designs over a black nail as well, but in different colors. The black underneath can help brighten the designs over it.

7. Social Statement

Some people want to be the ones to break barriers and destroy stereotypes along with gender norms. However, it might not be easy for them to do so. While it is easy to say that men should express themselves freely, it can serve as a pressure for many who want to but can’t due to a lack of acceptance around them.

So many people are threatened by their masculinity that their immediate reaction can be to put someone else down if they are trying to do something different. While many have the luxury of choosing their colors and ways of self-expression, others might not. A lot of men are under extreme pressure from society that they have no other option but to opt for black. 

For some reason, people are more accepting of it over colorful or brighter options. So for these men, it is more important to make the slight social statement that they can, even if it means having to dismiss their favorite colors and just settling. These men or young boys even can be at a significant disadvantage because they want to make a bold social statement. However, they are restricted from doing so. 


Guys defying gender norms by opting to paint their nails is a vast yet minor step in the right direction. Many males are hardheaded and domineering. Therefore, it seems to reason that they could identify with black more than any other color. Gaining confidence is possible for everybody who expresses and enjoys their uniqueness. They may feel happier and more at ease in their skin as a result of the increase in self-esteem.

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