How to Dry Spray Paint Faster [7 Different Ways]

How to Dry Spray Paint Faster

Have you ever tried spray painting before? Spray painting is a simple and fast technique to give a smooth finish to any project. However, after finishing a spray painting job, things can get very frustrating if you cannot put them together because they are still wet. Thus, knowing a few simple and effective techniques is necessary to dry your spray painting jobs faster.

You need to be very careful about spray painting projects and practice proper caution. The reason behind this is spray paint can be a very tiring and messy job. Many people get impatient in the middle of a spray painting job. If you are also one of them, it makes sense to know about specific spray painting drying tips that can make your life simpler.

How Long Does Spray Paint Take To Dry?

The answer to this question depends on the type of spray paint you use. The drying period of spray paints ranges from five minutes to eight hours. Thus, before you start your next spray painting project, it would help to find out about the drying times of the different types.

  • Latex – 8 hours
  • Oil-based spray paint – 8 hours
  • Rust-preventive enamel spray paint – 8 hours
  • Lacquer spray paint – 3 hours
  • Epoxy spray paint – 1 hour
  • Acrylic spray paint – 30 minutes
  • Fast-drying general-purpose spray paint – 5 minutes

Ways to Make Spray Paint Dry Faster

Irrespective of the average drying time, there are ways to help you speed up the drying process of spray paints. The longer it takes for the wet paint to dry, the more likely it is to find dust particles, dirt, grass, etc., sticking to the paint surface. Thus, when the wet paint dries completely, it will look messier. Here are some helpful ways to speed up the drying process of wet spray paint.

1.    Apply a Thin Coat

It is no longer a secret that the thinner the paint coat, the faster it will dry. Thus, if you know how to use spray paint and want the paint to dry faster than usual, you need to apply a thin coat of paint. On the other hand, if you apply too many coats of spray paint, it will take a long time to dry.

2.    Ensure a Steady Airflow

To speed up the spray paint drying process, you must ensure steady airflow. Good airflow will help wet paint dry faster than usual. If you need to spray paint indoors, keep the doors and windows open to allow the air to flow correctly.

3.    Use a Heater near The Painted Project

It would help if you could place a heater near the painting project. With the heater on and placed nearby, it will reduce the humidity level in the air and quicken the drying time. Although it is wise to paint during the warm season, there may be times when you may have to paint on cold winter days. In such cases, leave the heater inside a room before starting the painting job. This will make the room warmer and speed up the drying process.

4.    A Fast-Drying Spray Paint Can Be Useful

One of the simplest ways to quicken the paint-drying process is to use fast-drying spray paints. Several spray paints in the market claim to dry faster than others. Choose one of the best spray paints from the lot.

5.    Use a Fan to Increase the Air Flow

Sometimes, the airflow may not be favorable enough to quicken the paint-drying process, even with open doors and windows. In such a case, you can place a fan nearby. If there is a running fan, it will automatically enhance the airflow and quicken the paint-drying process. The running fan will also help increase the evaporation inside the room.

6.    Use a Wax-Based Furniture Polish

Using a wax-based furniture polish is a helpful and practical secret to help quicken the spray paint drying. This polish will work as a sealant and assist the paint in drying fast. However, it would help if you used the polish only after applying all the paint layers. Again, this is because it works as a sealant. Thus, trying to paint after applying the polish will be useless.

7.    You Can Also Use a Dehumidifier

Since increased humidity levels in the air can prevent your spray paint from drying quickly, you can use a dehumidifier. This appliance will reduce the humidity level in the air and speed up the paint-drying process. Many painters make the mistake of painting in high humidity levels. Increased humidity levels can also create drip marks in your painting project and spoil it completely. If you do not have a dehumidifier, you can also see whether your AC unit can dry the air inside the room where you want to paint.

Will A Hair Dryer Make Spray Paint Dry Faster?

If you are in a hurry and have already applied several layers of spray paint, you need to speed up the paint-drying process. Using a hair dryer may help you in such matters. However, you can only set your hair dryer in its lowest setting while drying the paint to avoid any problems.

Will A Heat Gun Make Spray Paint Dry Faster?

It is possible to use a heat gun to speed up the drying process of wet spray paint. However, a heat gun is used at a high setting to remove paint. Thus, you must ensure you use the heat gun at a low setting. It is also necessary for you to hold the gun at least 2 inches away from the paint surface. Then, move the gun to and fro over the surface to ensure that heat spreads evenly.


The spray paint drying time depends on the type of spray paint that you want to use. Although this drying time varies, there are several ways to speed up the process. Whichever technique you use, make sure you do not spoil the painting project in any way. The safest is ensuring proper air circulation with low humidity levels.

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